How do I setup my UM employee email on an iOS device?

To add your UM Exchange email account (your MSO email account)  to the Mail app on your iPhone follow these steps.

1. Tap Settings and tap Passwords & Accounts.

2. Tap Add Account.
Add Account

3. Tap Exchange.
Exchange Account

4. Enter your UM Email address, (usually and a short Description (such as UM Exchange).

5. Tap Next.
UM Email address

6. Tap Sign In to confirm you want to Sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft.
Sign In

7. Remove the MSO from the login name, Tap Next.
Remove MSO

8. Enter your Password and tap Sign In.
Enter Password

9. Tap Next. You may be asked to select Consent on behalf of your organization. This allows UM and the Mail app to work together. Tap Accept.

10. Tap Save once you have turned on those components you want to sync.  You can come back and update settings here at any point.
Sync Components

11. That's it, you'll see yur UM email account under Accounts.
Account Completed

Note:  If Microsoft cannot identify your account, you may be asked to provide those details manually.  Here are the settings if that is required.  Remember your Username does NOT include MSO. 
Manual Configuration

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