Staff Services Provided by SAIT

This list is a short description of the services that SAIT provides. For more comprehensive definitions, please refer to the “Baseline SAIT Support SLA”.

Enterprise Systems

SAIT makes every effort to proactively review and manage the division’s and some departments’ resources to maximize availability, performance and reliability.  SAIT reviews global level system operations and offers specific system support when requested.

Data center services

SAIT provides setup, management of hardware and operating systems. Department will have the option to move their server(s) to Student Affairs server racks, provided that they’re within SAIT’s standards. Physical access to the data center is possible provided that Department’s personnel are escorted by an authorized Student Affairs IT Staff.


Most Student Affairs servers are located in CHC 072 data center.

Virtual server hosting services

 SAIT provides the service of hosting virtual servers. These virtual servers can be used either as a production (live) system, testing system, or a back up system. These virtual servers are affordable, easy to back up, and reliable with 99% uptime.  SAIT generally funds the hardware for these virtual servers.  Not every application can be run on a virtual server and there are still circumstances where a department may have to purchase server hardware.

License management

SAIT manages and pays for licensing for various applications and systems, such as Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office applications, and Symantec Endpoint Antivirus.

Security services

SAIT does its best to provide threat assessment, protections, security systems and management of centralized systems such as our Symantec Endpoint Protection server.  SAIT reviews division wide system security and offers specific system support when requested or when we have recommendations.

Disk storage services

Centralized, secure, high capacity, redundant hardware and software, some services include backup/restore/quota/security options for department files.  (H:, J:, P:, O:, R: are some examples).  SAIT currently uses Central IT's file backup services for long-term backup service.

Application hosting services

Centralized, secure, managed hosted applications on a fault tolerant farm of servers. This setup provides consistency and overall reduction of desktop support costs. New installs, upgrades, updates, patches, configurations and other changes are handled in a time-effective manner by certified professionals. This setup also provides remote access options. In addition, it provides “green” opportunities with thin clients and efficient energy use by servers.

Note:  This is an optional service.

Profile Management services

Centralized, secure, and managed on SA’s SAN, backup/restore options exist for most user settings.

Note:  Terminal Services profiles are used by users accessing hosted Citrix applications. Centralized Terminal Services profiles do not have an impact on local desktops.

Thin Clients

SAIT provides funding for a number of thin clients each year to be deployed in departments when machines need to be replaced.  These small eco-friendly units meet most basic computing needs, however there are still circumstances where some users need access to specialty applications and thin clients cannot be used.

Active Directory services

Creation and maintenance of user and computer objects (accounts) in the Active Directory. Mailbox creation is handled by Central IT upon SAIT request. SAIT staff will provide user object maintenance support within the Active Directory (password reset, group memberships). SAIT also provides and maintains logon scripts for all SA users to automate some settings and events.

Printer Services

SAIT handles the setup of new network printers (provided that printer is approved by SAIT before purchase) and ensures the printer is accessible from the SA print server and the SA Citrix Application and Published Desktop Servers. 

Desktop, printer, and application support services

Department will receive TEC weekly scheduled departmental visits and will be able to utilize the phone support help desk. SAIT provides general desktop user support, including support for many standard software packages such as Microsoft Office. SAIT also provides advice in the purchase of new hardware. SAIT may opt to refuse support for devices not approved by SAIT prior to purchase.  This is to maintain a manageable standard of support for standardized devices.

Database services

SAIT provides schema development, migration, troubleshooting, hosting and proactive management (including server updates and data backups) for MSSQL. SAIT also offers MySQL support when requested.

Central IT Liaison

SAIT acts as a liaison for the division and Central IT to streamline processes, an example would be where SAIT will work with Central IT on networking projects to get quotes and ensure recommendations will meet a departments needs. 

Remote Access

CAG provides remote access to campus systems through the internet. 

Routine Reports

SAIT can, upon request provide some reporting to help monitor and optimize business practices, such as monthly network printing reports or duplicate and old file reports.

Managed Web Hosting

SAIT provides a fully managed web hosting solution for department websites, as well as third party web applications. In addition to standard backup regimes, SAIT maintains a set of cold standby servers for quick recovery in the event of a disaster.

Custom Web Development

SAIT provides custom web development on a request basis. Custom developed applications can be modified through change requests, and SAIT automatically applies security updates as necessary. SAIT also provides custom development for use within Cascade Server CMS. Custom application development can include traditional desktop web applications as well as mobile.

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