Cascade Permissions - individual access permissions to different folders in same site.

The ability to publish content is handled separately from Access Rights (read/write permissions) so this should definitely be possible. Here are some general steps:

  • Use Access and/or Access for contents to provide "read" access to the parent folder(s) of the individual student folders so that users can see and navigate to them.
  • For the direct parent folder of the individual student folders, right-click and choose Access for contents. Choose "Overwrite existing access rights", and then for "Access level for all users" choose "None". What this does is hide the subfolders from non-admins unless they have explicit "read" access.
  • Then for each individual student folder, use Access and Access for contents to assign "write" access to the appropriate users.
  • In the students' Site Role, ensure they have neither of the "Publish readable/writable Home Area assets" abilities enabled, so they can't publish content they have read or write access to.

Example site (Student Projects) where permissions have been set up in this way:

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