How do I get access to Qualtrics?


IT supports Qualtrics for use by campus departments and organizations.

Qualtrics is a sophisticated, easy-to-use web service for developing, administering and analyzing web-based surveys. 

Qualtrics can be used for varying purposes including but not limited to test administration, student feedback, employee evaluations and more. There are built in features to accommodate many of your needs:

  • Built-in Qualtrics library with 100+ survey and question types
  • Integrated statistic tools
  • Integrated survey mailer that tracks and thanks respondents
  • Ability to export data into multiple formats such as:
    • PDF
    • SPSS
    • Excel
    • Word
  • Collaboration ability between users on surveys
  • Advanced capabilities such as
    • Audio/Video insertion
    • Branching, Looping, and Piping questions
    • Trigger-based responses


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A valid University of Montana NetID is required to create and administer your surveys. First-time users will be prompted to enter their first name, last name, and university email


Qualtrics University training and support

Phone: (800) 340-9194


The University of Montana's Institutional Review Board (IRB) policy requires that all research projects involving human subjects be approved by the University of Montana IRB. You can find more information about the IRB Compliance on their website. If you are creating a survey, you should contact the IRB at to ensure compliance.

Qualtrics security statement provides a promise to adhere to industry standards in regards to protecting your data.  All data imputed using this system is considered confidential and complies with the HIPAA standards. Any questions regarding Qualtrics security statement can be sent to


In compliance with the University of Montana's web accessibility standard, we require that your question types are accessible using screen readers such as JAWS and will not be available for use within Qualtrics at the University of Montana.  The following question types are not considered accessible:

  • Slider
  • Constant Sum – Slider
  • Matrix – Bipolar
  • Rank Order – Drag and Drop
  • Pick, Group, and Rank
  • Heat Map
  • Hot Spot
  • Graphic Slider
  • GAP

By default, Qualtrics will not allow any survey to publish out that is not accessible. Please visit the Qualtrics page for information on checking accessibility.

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