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The SAIT Service Desk is a technology helpdesk with the slogan "Tech Support for students, by students". Run by a team of about a dozen student employees, the Service Desk offers services to students over-the-counter on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first 20 minutes of the technology consultation is free. Past 20 minutes, there are options to check you device in at the desk for it to be worked on without your involvement, usually for a nominal fee charged directly to your Cyberbear account.

Student Affairs IT offers in-room tech support to students living in the residence halls or Lewis and Clark Villages at no cost! Appointments can be made in person or online.  To schedule an appointment online, this link will take you to a form you can fill out. We ask for at least one day's notice, so keep that in mind!


University Center 1st Floor


Basic Troubleshooting

  • Not sure what to do about an error message you're getting? Computer not turning on? These are the types of problems our helpdesk technicians are trained to solve!

Hardware Service

  • Hard drive failing? Something rattling in your laptop? Did a fan die? Battery life down to 26 minutes at a full charge? SAIT's Service Desk is the only desk on campus that will help students take apart their laptops to get at the parts that are totally replaceable. If you do it with our help, it's free!

Data Recovery

  • Sometimes when harddrives fail, data is still recoverable. Visit the Service Desk if you need to salvage data from a broken drive. 

Data Transfer

  • Need to move data from one device to another? Visit the Service Desk and ask about our Data Transfer options.

OS Re-installs

  • Sometimes operating systems become corrupt and unusable. Maybe you're getting ready to sell a device and you want it wiped clean. SAIT can do the work for you, or point you in the right direction when it comes to OS re-installs.

Laptop Screen Replacements

  • SAIT will recommend screens and screen cables for replacements. Not all laptops qualify for this service. See a technician for details. 

Malware Cleanup

  • Computer acting strange after clicking a risky link? Have you connected with someone anonymous online offering help and remoting into your computer? You may have a malware infection. Come see us at the Service Desk to have it cleaned up.

Parts Replacement

  • If new parts are needed to make your computer run smoothly again, SAIT will quote and purchase parts on your behalf charging the balance to your Cyberbear bill.

General Consultation

  • Have general questions about technology? We have your answers.

Hardware Sales

  • We sell the following products:
    • Ethernet Cables
    • Coax Cables
    • USB Drives
    • Conventional Hard Drives
    • Solid State Drives
    • Surge Protectors

Service Costs


Fee for each service

Over-The-Counter Help FREE
In-Room Help On Campus/Lewis and Clark Village By Appointment FREE
Advanced Hardware Service $60.00
Data Recovery


Data Recovery / OS Reinstall


Data Transfer $50.00
Hardware Service


Holding Fee (3 weeks without communication)


Malware induced reinstall

Malware reinstall/Data Recovery $150.00
Non-Resident Check-In


Order Processing


Reformat / OS Reinstall $75.00
Troubleshooting / Diagnostics $30.00

Product Costs



Ethernet Cord (Connect To Internet)

$7.50 - 10 Feet

$10.00 - 20 Feet

$12.50 - 30 Feet

Coaxial Cable (Connect To Cable TV)

$7.50 - 10 Feet

$10.00 - 20 Feet

$12.50 - 30 Feet
Custom Lengths Available - Ask Us For Pricing
Surge Protector Power Strips

$15.00 - 6 Outlets / 12 Foot Cord / 750 Joules

$25.00 - 8 Outlets / 5 Foot Cord / 1800 Joules

USB Flash Drives Select sizes in stock. Ask for current pricing details.
External Hard Drives Select sizes in stock. Ask for current pricing details.
Laptop Hard Drives Select sizes in stock. Ask for current pricing details.
Custom Hardware Purchases We are happy to help order hardware that we do not have in stock. There is a $10 processing fee.
HDMI Cable $6.99
Solid State Drive (250 GB) $70.00
Surge Protector (6 Outlets) $15.00
Surge Protector (8 Outlets) $25.00

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