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How do I change my credits to/from Graduate Level to/from Undergraduate Level?

Students may delete graduate credit from a course until the 30th instructional day of the semester.  Please contact the Graduate School to process the appropriate paperwork. 

Contact info E-mail:, Phone: (406) 243-2572

Where can I file to graduate?

The Graduate School only handles graduate student graduations (master’s and doctoral degree candidates).  Undergraduate student graduations is handled by the Graduations department in the Registrar’s office.  Please see Isa in the Graduate School for assistance.

How do I register to take the GRE?

You can register to take the GRE at

You will need to take the GRE before your prospective department can make a recommendation to the Graduate School for admission.  Your application file is considered incomplete without the GRE. Testing Services offers the GRE two times a day Monday through Friday with start times at 7:55 AM and 12:30 PM. We also offer Saturday morning by appointment with a start time at 8:00 AM

Where do I apply for residency?

The Graduate School handles all residency determinations for graduate students.  Please see Graduate School office for assistance.

Why is my TA award not showing up on my bill?   Who do I talk to about my TA award? 

There are a variety of reasons why a TA award may not be showing on a bill ( for example - award not processed by the department, Graduate School or Financial Aid office yet; student doesn’t actually have an award; 24 hours have not passed so award will not show on bill; etc.).

What is the TARA program?

Teaching Assistants are those students involved in instruction, usually of undergraduates.  Qualified TAs perform instructional duties in an area of their expertise, most often within their home departments, although qualified TAs may perform outside their departments.  UM faculty members oversee all TA teaching duties.  General TA duties include: actual instruction in a classroom setting, instruction in recitation sections, assisting with laboratory setup, conducting help sessions and holding office hours to advise students on class assignments, grading papers, exams, lab reports and homework. Please follow the link for more information

Am I able to transfer undergraduate credits (Post Bac.) to a graduate degree?

No.  Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate credits cannot be used towards a graduate degree.  Post-baccalaureate status is strictly an undergraduate status.

Where can I find out tuition costs as a Graduate Student? 

Current tuition and fees are always posted at Click on the semester you want and then select Graduate Level and applicable degree (Masters of Doctorate).

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