Parking Decal FAQ

How do I add a parking decal to my bill?

Log into CyberBear, click on “Student Services”, “Parking” select a semester, and follow the prompts.

How do I get rid of a parking decal I ordered but do not want?

Contact Public Safety at 243-6131 Partial refund available for year permit. Refunds available until 3rd week of semester only.

Where do I pick up my parking decal?

Your permit will be mailed to you at your local address.  Please use the temporary permit issued when you ordered your permit via CyberBear until your decal arrives.  You must have finalized in order for your decal to be mailed.  If you lose your temporary pass stop by at Public Safety.

How do I pay for my decal?

If you ordered it on Cyberbear, you will be billed for it later.  If you did not, you will need to pay with Cash, check, or Debit/Credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, but no American Express or Griz Card UMoney.

How do I get a replacement decal?

At Public Safety’s main office at the Physical Plant.  The charge for a replacement decal is $20.00.

Can I get refunded for a decal?

A refund is possible if request during the same calendar year. Please call Public Safety at 243-6131 for information regarding refunds.



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