UMOnline FAQ for Students

What are my login credentials?

Traditional/NetID Students should use the same NetID and password for Moodle that they use in CyberBear. If they’ve never logged into CyberBear, their initial password will be the last-six digits of their 790#.

Extended/Non-NetID Students should contact UMOnline if they don’t know their login credentials.

Forgot Password Links:

When will my account be created?

New student accounts aren’t created until the first time they’re enrolled in a course in Moodle. The account creation and enrollment scripts generally start running about a week or two prior to the start of each semester. They run once a day and typically finish around 11am each morning. To be included in the script, a student needs to have registered for a course (that has a Moodle supplement) at least one business day ahead of time.

Why can’t I see my course in Moodle?

When a student registers for a course, they aren’t enrolled in it in Moodle until the following business day (around 11AM). If at that time they still can’t see their course, the most likely scenarios are that the instructor either hasn’t requested a Moodle shell for their course or they haven’t made it visible to students yet. The best course of action is for the student to ask their instructor when the course will be available. This is assuming the student is logging in with the correct account – if the student is also an employee, verify that they’re logging in with their student NetID, not their employee NetID.

Where can I get training for Moodle as a student?

Getting Acquainted with Moodle: have the students enroll themselves in the Moodle 101 for Students tutorial by accessing the link while logged into their Moodle account.

General Information Pertinent to Online Students: The Welcome to UMOnline information page is emailed to all new online students at the beginning of each semester.

Support: view the Student Support page on the UMOnline website or the MoodleRooms Knowledgebase.​​​​​​​

How do I get rid of the PETSA hold?

Students must complete the quiz at the end of PETSA with a 100% score for their hold to be removed.

Once I complete the quiz with 100%, how long will it take to remove my hold?

Once the student submits the PETSA quiz with 100% score, it should only take 30 minutes or less for their hold to be removed.

When will the course be removed from my course list?

All adds/drops from courses are processed daily at 11am. So, if a student completes PETSA on a Tuesday afternoon, the course should be removed from their list on Wednesday at 11am.

I am not seeing the PETSA course on my list of Moodle courses.

Are they sure they haven’t completed it and that they actually have a PETSA hold? UMOnline can verify whether they’ve completed the tutorial before. The Registrar’s Office can confirm what kind of hold (if any) they have on their account if they aren’t sure.

Exemptions and PETSA-equivalent courses at other universities.

UMOnline can expire holds for Haven completion if proof of completion is provided to a UM or UMOnline staff member.

I’m uncomfortable taking PETSA.

Students should contact Student Advocacy Resource Center, 406-243-6559, or if UMOnline receives an exemption request will reach out to SARC directly to confirm the exemption.

Where can I find a list of all available online courses?

Course Search, which is listed on the page, has a filter to show only online courses. Fully-online courses should be section fifty-something (“5#”).

Are there any fully-online degree/certificate programs?

Yes, lists all of the fully-online programs by level (masters, bachelors, associates, certificate, etc.).

Accessibility Questions:

Students with questions about Moodle’s accessibility should contact Nancy Clouse at 243-5815or 

They should also contact Office for Disability Equity at 243-2243 or to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made to meet their needs.

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