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Why can’t I update my email address in Moodle?

This is most commonly asked by new faculty members whose Moodle account was created before getting an email requested. It’s a simple fix but UMOnline has to make the change since that field is auto-populated by Conduit (which pulls data from Banner).

How do I make my course visible to students?

This is an easy fix and we post the instructions on the Moodle landing page at the beginning of each semester. When courses are first created, they are hidden from students by default so instructors have time to get them ready. Tell the instructor: “If your students can't see your course, please go to Edit Settings under the Administration Block in your course, change the drop-down setting titled Visible from "Hide" to "Show," and click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

How do I request a Moodle course supplement for my class?

All courses, no matter the modality (online, face-to-face, etc.), will have Moodle shells available approximately halfway through the semester before the course is taught. If a Moodle shell is needed earlier, please contact

I need to have a course restored on Moodle from a past semester.

This is something instructors can do if they have a backup file saved from their old course. Have them view “How to Restore Course Content in Moodle.”

If they don’t have a backup file saved, have them contact UMOnline. We retain backups for up to 5 years at a time, so we should be able to help them with the restore.

How do I import content into my current semester course?

Importing content is similar to restoring but doesn’t involve a backup file. Instead, an instructor simply needs to have access to both courses in Moodle so they can copy content from one to another. Have them view “How to Import Course Content in Moodle.”

How do I backup my course?

This is very simple. They just need to click the “Backup” link under the Administration block in their course and follow the prompts – deselecting anything they don’t want included. Here are the step-by-step instructions though: How to Backup a Course in Moodle.

I need to enroll someone to my course in Moodle.

By default, instructors are not allowed to assign the ‘student’ role to users in their courses because we don’t want them going around the registration process. However, instructors often need to enroll Teaching Assistants in their courses. Here is how:

  • Select on the course you want to add them to
  • Locate the “Administration” block (in the bottom-left by default)
  • Select on Users->Enrolled Users
  • Select on the “Enroll Users” button in the top-right (or bottom-right)
  • Select the role you want them to have by clicking the drop-down at the top
  • Search for them by name and click “Enroll” next to the correct account
  • Select “Finish Enrolling Users”

It’s worth noting that non-university members who don’t have NetID accounts won’t be able to access Moodle without a Non-NetID account being created for them. This is done by UMOnline on a case-by-case basis.

A student isn’t showing up in Moodle course, but I see that they are registered on CyberBear.

It takes until the next business day at 11am for students to be enrolled in a Moodle course after registering.

Where can I find resources for faculty on Moodle?

Instructors can enroll themselves in the Faculty Moodle Tutorials course.

There are a number of resources on the UMOnline Services & Support page.

Instructors can also look through the MoodleDocs if they want to.

I need my course’s enrollments combined into another section.

This is something only UMOnline can do.

Accessibility Questions:

Faculty or Staff who have questions about Moodle’s accessibility should contact

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