Financial Aid FAQ

How do I know when my financial aid gets here?

You will receive a final award letter stating what aid you are receiving. When your loans are disbursed to the school, you will receive a disclosure notice from your guarantor stating the disbursement dates of your loan to the school. However, the loan will not credit to your student account in Business Services until about a week later. You can also check on CyberBear to see if your aid has been credited to your account.

How do I know how much aid I received?

You can review your award package on CyberBear under Financial Aid, Award by Aid Year (select your desired year), and then Award Overview. This will show a break down of how much financial aid you got and from where.

When do I have to apply for financial aid?  How do I apply?

To apply for financial aid, you will need to file the FAFSA @  Our deadline for priority consideration is February 15th.  If you do not apply by the deadline, there is still eligibility for some aid such as Pell grants ( if eligible) and Stafford loans

Will my aid cover credits that I opt to audit?

Financial aid does not pay for courses that are audited.

Why doesn’t my bill show my financial aid?

If your aid does not show on your bill, you should see financial aid.  It could mean that you are not enrolled in enough credits, your aid is not here or there is some problem with your aid.

Can I cancel my Financial Aid?  How?

If it is before your aid has been posted to your student account, you can either stop by Griz Central or call the Financial Aid Office to complete a request to cancel your aid.  If your refund check has already been sent and you would like to cancel, then you will need to bring in your refund check to the Financial Aid Office, and we will help you cancel aid.

How do I maintain eligibility?

If you are concerned about losing Financial Aid. Please follow the link to review how to maintain eligibility. There are many factors that will influence eligibility like what type of aid you have.

Can I get financial aid if I am a Graduate or Undergrad Non-Degree student?

You must be in a degree seeking program to receive financial aid.  Non degree students are not eligible for federal aid.  They may however be eligible to take out a private educational loan.  The Financial Aid Station in Griz Central has more information about these loans.  We do like to advise the student before releasing  these loans.

How do I get my check?

Most Higher Ed checks must be signed for at Treasury located in Lommasson on the second floor, across from HR.  They are available for pick up once the check has been processed by the Financial Aid Office.

When is my refund check mailed?  Do I need to request it? Can I pick up my check?

See Business Services in the Emma B. Lommasson Center, Room 236

Where do I get work study hire cards?

In order to receive a work study hire card, you must have first been awarded work study.  All hire cards must be obtained at FA Station in Griz Central.

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