Student Payroll FAQ

What are the hours and location?

Lommasson Center, room 252. Open 8am to 5pm, Monday-Friday. Phone: 406-243-6766

Where to I get a Work Study hire card?

The hire cards can only be obtained at the Financial Aid counter in Griz Central or the main Financial Aid Office.

How many work study hours do I have left?

See Financial Aid.  Financial Aid determines the amount of your award & keeps a current award balance.  Student Payroll Services does not have access to your current information with regards to Financial Aid Awards.

Where can I get Non-Work Study Student Hire Cards?

Please follow the link to the PDF, fill out and return to HR

What is the index number that I put on the time card?

See your department, because your department determines the index number assigned to your job.

When do I get paid?

Direct deposit is on the first and fifteenth working day of the month and checks are available for pickup on the second working day of each month.  Please be sure to bring picture ID in order to pick up your check.

When and where can I pick up my pay check?

Checks can be picked up in room 252 in the Lommasson Center on the second working day of each month.  Please be sure to bring picture ID in order to pick up your check.

Where do I get a student time card?

Please follow the link to the PDF of the Student Time Card. You can also go to the Student Payroll portion of HR’s website and find it.

When are time cards due?

Make sure you check with your department about when your time cards are due. Payroll entry does have a start and end date. Follow the link and select the document that matches what kind of employee you are. Employee Pay Schedules

How many checks do I get as a TA/RA?

The number of checks you will receive is determined by the length of your Graduate Student contract.  The total amount of the contract is divided by the length of the contract and paid in equal payments.  Your department, the Graduate School, and Student Payroll Services can also answer this and any other questions you may have regarding your contract.

I have more questions that were not answered here.

CyberBear is a very good resource or you can call Student Payroll Services at (406) 243-6766, or stop by room 252 in the Lommasson Center.

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