Tuition and Fees FAQ

Where can I find out the price per credit?

See fee tables at:

What is the Registration Fee?

$30.00 per semester.  The registration is applied to instructional costs.

What is the Late Registration fee?

A student who does not complete registration, including payment of tuition & fees in CyberBear, by the seventh class day is assessed a late registration fee of $80.00. An additional late registration fee is assessed on the 16th class day if the registration bill is not paid.  After the fifteenth class day, a petition is required to register and, if approved, the total late registration fee of $160.00 is assessed.

What is the Activity/Radio fee?

The activity fee entitles students to use ASUM services (legal services day care, tutoring services, etc.), provides support to ASUM activities, allows students to vote in elections, and receive reduced rates to programming events.

Radio fees support the student radio station.

What is the Athletic/Camp Recreation fee?

The athletic fee is used to help the Athletic Department maintain Division I status, and help bring them into compliance with gender equity laws.  This fee entitles students to attend most U of M athletic events.  (Part-time students may attend up to 3 football games in addition to most other events.)

The campus recreation fee supports the services and programs of the campus recreation department.  It allows students to use the facilities at no charge, the Grizzly Pool at no charge at certain times, and to participate in recreation sports. Distance Students CANNOT add this fee. If you are below full time you can opt into this fee at the cashiers. If you are full time, it is automatically assessed.

What is the Curry Health Fee?

The Clinical Health Service fee allows access to medical and dental care during the academic year to all students who pay this fee.  This fee is mandatory for students enrolled in 7 credits or more.

What does Tuition/Fees LO O mean?

  • LO=Lower level(Freshman/Sophomore)
  • O=Out of State

What does Tuition/Fees UP O mean?

  • UP=Upper level(Junior/Senior)
  • O=Out of State

What does Tuition/Fees LO R mean?

  • LO=Lower level(Freshman/Sophomore)
  • R=Resident

What does Tuition/Fees UP R mean?

  • UP=Upper level(Junior/Senior)
  • R=Resident

What does it mean when it says ‘Misc. Terms Balance’ on my bill?

Miscellaneous charges would be things like library fines, health service bills, traffic fines, early arrival housing charges, University Villages/Lewis and Clark rent, ASUM Day Care, Internet and voice mail charges for dorm students, bed lofting, etc.

You can view the detail of Misc. Terms Balance on Cyberbear in student records, account summary by term.

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