Probation/ Suspension

What does academic probation mean?

Students will be placed on academic probation at the end of any semester if their cumulative grade average drops below 2.00. The effect of the academic probation is to serve notice to students that the quality of their work is below an acceptable level and that continuation of unsatisfactory work during their next semester of enrollment will result in academic suspension. Students who are placed on academic probation will find that fact noted on their final grades and their transcripts viewed on CyberBear. They should contact their advisors immediately to seek help.

What does suspension mean?

Students will be academically suspended at the end of any semester if they were placed on academic probation during their last semester of attendance and their term grade average is still below 2.00. If a student maintains a 2.0 or above the following semesters they will continue to be on academic probation until their cumulative grade average is a 2.0 or above, but they will NOT be placed on academic suspension. The effect of academic suspension is that students may not re-enroll at the University unless they have been reinstated. Academic suspensions are noted on final grades and transcripts on 

Reinstatement forms are found at: or under “S” for “Suspension” in the A-Z index from the homepage

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