Attendance Policies

If I do not attend the first two days of class does my instructor drop me from the course? 

No, you have to drop yourself from the course if you want it to be dropped.  The instructor will not drop a course for you, however if you miss the first two days of the course, the instructor can tell you that you MUST drop the course.


Students who are registered for a course but do not attend the first two class meetings may be required by the instructor to drop the course. This rule allows for early identification of class vacancies to permit other students to add classes. Students not allowed to remain must drop the course through CyberBear prior to the 15th instructional day to avoid it appearing on a transcript.  After the 15th instructional day, the student must use the “Course Add Change Drop” link and collect permissions to drop in order to avoid receiving a failing grade. Students who know they will be absent should contact the instructor in advance.

Students are expected to attend all class meetings and complete all assignments for courses in which they are enrolled. Instructors may excuse brief and occasional absences for reasons of illness, injury, family emergency, or participation in a University sponsored activity. (University sponsored activities include for example, field trips, ASUM service, music or drama performances, and intercollegiate athletics.) Instructors shall excuse absences for reasons of military service or mandatory public service.

Instructors may establish absence policies to conform to the educational goals and requirements of their courses. Such policies will ordinarily be set out in the course syllabus. Customarily, course syllabi will describe the procedures for giving timely notice of absences, explain how work missed because of an excused absence may be made up, and stipulate any penalty to be assessed for absences.

The UM Faculty Senate encourages the faculty to accommodate students incurring an excused absence by allowing them to make up missed work when this can be done in a manner consistent with the educational goals of their courses. Students expecting to incur excused absences should consult with their instructors early in the term to be sure that they understand the absence policies for each of their courses. 

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