Incomplete Grades

How do incomplete grades work?

It is assumed that students have the responsibility for completing the requirements of the courses in which they are enrolled within the time framework of the semester. 
Incompletes may be given when, in the opinion of the instructor, there is a reasonable probability that students can complete the course without retaking it. 
The incomplete is not an option to be exercised at the discretion of students. In all cases it is given at the discretion of the instructor within the following guidelines: 

1. A mark of incomplete may be assigned students when:  

  • They have been in attendance and doing passing work up to three weeks before the end of the semester, and 
  • For reasons beyond their control and which are acceptable to the instructor, they have been unable to complete the requirements of the course on time. Negligence and indifference are not acceptable reasons. 

2. The instructor sets the conditions for the completion of the course work and notes these conditions on the final grade report. 

3. When a student has met the conditions for making up the incomplete, the instructor will assign a grade based upon an evaluation of the total work done by the student in the course. 

4. An incomplete which is not made up within one calendar year automatically will revert to the alternate grade which was assigned by the instructor at the time the incomplete was submitted. 

5. An incomplete remains on the permanent record and is accompanied by the final grade, for example, IA, IB, IC, etc. 

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