Credit/ No Credit Grading and Grade Option Change

What does it mean to take a course Credit/No Credit?  How long do I have to change my grade option?

You have the first 15 instructional days of the semester to make the grade option change without having to get signatures.  

The 16th-last instructional day before finals a grade option change can be done on CyberBear (listed as “Course Add Change Drop” in your Student Profile).  

Catalog policy:

Student Option: To encourage students to venture into courses where they might otherwise hesitate because of uncertainty regarding their aptitude or preparation, they may enroll in some courses on a credit/no credit basis. Freshmen and sophomores are discouraged from taking more than one course a semester on a credit/no credit basis.

No more than 18 CR credits may be counted toward graduation requirements at the baccalaureate level. Courses taken to satisfy General Education Requirements must be taken for traditional letter grade. Courses required for the student's major or minor must be taken for traditional letter grade.

A grade of CR is assigned for work deserving credit (A through D-) and a grade of NCR is assigned for work of failing quality (F). CR and NCR grades do not affect grade point averages. The grades of CR and NCR are not defined in terms of their relationship to traditional grades for graduate course work.

Election of the credit/no credit option must be indicated at registration time or within the first 15 class days on CyberBear. Between the 16th day and the  last day of instruction before finals week, a student may request a change from credit/no credit enrollment to an enrollment under the A-F grade system, or the reverse, by means of a Course Add/Change Form; note that not all such requests are approved. See instructions above.

The University cautions students that many graduate and professional schools and some employers do not recognize non-traditional grades (i.e., those other than A through F) or may discriminate against students who use the credit/no credit option for many courses. Moreover, students are cautioned that some degree programs may have different requirements regarding CR/NCR credits, as stipulated in the catalog.

How do I change my grading option on CyberBear?

This can be done on CyberBear. Once you are registered for the class, under the same registration page click on the “Schedule and Options” tab. Any course that has the grade mode underlined can be changed. Click on the grade mode of the class you want to change to switch it from Traditional to Credit/ No Credit and vice versa. Once you have changed the grade mode click submit to save your changes.

You can change your grading option on CyberBear until 5pm on the 15th instructional day of the semester (deadlines vary during Summer session). See the calendar in the class schedule. 

After the 15th instructional day you must use CyberBear (“Course Add Change Drop” option in your Student Profile)

*Please note, not all courses can have their grade mode changed. Please contact the Registrar’s Office to confirm if your course has this option. 


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