Auditing a Course

What does it mean to Audit?  How long do I have to change my grade to/from Audit?

Auditing means that you are sitting in on the class only to observe.  You are not taking the course for credit & do not do any of the required work.  You are simply there to listen “auditor”. An audit will show on your transcript as an AUD.   

You only have until the 15th instructional day of the semester to select an audit grade or to change from an audit grade.  No courses can be changed to/from an audit after the 15th day deadline.   

Within the first 15 instructional days a student may change their grading option on CyberBear.  If you have difficulty making this change see the Registrar’s Office in Lommasson 201 promptly.  HHP courses CAN NOT be audited. You can change this on CyberBear.

AUD is recorded for all students who register in courses as auditors, intending to listen to the courses without earning credit or being graded. The same fees are assessed as when registering for credit. Any attendance or participation expectations are established by the instructor of the course. If attendance expectations are not met, the instructor may request a notation be placed on the student's academic record indicating attendance was not satisfactory.

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