Variable Credit

How do I change my variable credit on CyberBear?

You can change your variable credits on CyberBear until 5pm on the 15th instructional day of the semester (deadlines vary during Summer session). See the calendar in the class schedule. Once you have registered for the class on your CyberBear account you then want to select the “Schedule and Options” tab on the same page. Any course that has the credit hours underlined are variable credit hours, click on the number in the Credit Hour field and then change the variable credit to the number of hours you would like to take. After you have changed the hour click Submit to save your changes. For further information about registering for variable credit: Change Variable Credit

To change after the 15th instructional class day*, you must use the “Course Add Change Drop” link on your Student Profile page in CyberBear. You do not need to have an advisor’s signature if you are a Post Baccalaureate. You have until the last instructional day of the semester to make this change. Please review the important dates and deadlines for this at the link provided 

*Please note summer session deadlines are shorter than Autumn and Spring.

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