Registration Restrictions

What is a Campus Restriction?

Students are admitted to specific campuses depending on whether they are taking face-to-face classes or enrolled as a Distance Learning student. You must take courses offered within your campus. This error message cannot be overridden without the student switching the campus to which they were admitted to. Use the Distance Only Change of Status form to change your status to a Distance Learning student. Changing from Distance Learning (online) student to a face-to-face student will result in a change of tuition and fees.

What is a Class Restriction?

This means that a class is restricted by the student’s class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior).  Some classes will only allow seniors to register while others only allow freshmen to register.  Students may request an electronic override from the instructor.

What is a College Restriction?

Students are either enrolled through the University of Montana (mountain campus) or the Missoula College (1205 East Broadway St.). The class you are trying to add is offered by the opposite college from the one in which you’re enrolled, so a College Restriction Override form is needed. Mountain campus students must contact the instructor for an electronic override. Missoula College students must contact their advisors for an electronic override. Please note not all overrides are approved.

What is a Field of Study Restriction (Major or Minor)?

This course is restricted to only students in a certain major or minor (e.g., open to only Art majors). Students may request an electronic override from the instructor.

What is a Level Restriction?

The course is only open to a certain level (e.g., Graduate Students Only). Levels are coded as: Level 01 = Undergraduate; Level 02 = Graduate; Level 03 = Law

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