Registration Holds, Errors and Messages

What does it mean when it says my Academic Status Prohibits Registration?

More than likely this means that they are on academic suspension.  If they are in good standing, check to see if they are listed as an active student.

What does it mean when it says my advising number is invalid?

Every semester you are required to get a new advising number.  If you are using a number from a previous semester, you will get this message.  If you got a new number, but it is still not working, you will need to go back to your advisor to make sure the advisor gave you the correct number.

What does it mean when it says “Another registration session is in progress for this ID and Term.  Please try again later”?

This means that someone is in your account in BANNER (the administrative side of CyberBear) or that you are logged in to CyberBear somewhere else. Log out and then log back in.

Why will it not let me drop my only remaining course?

CyberBear will not allow you to drop your only/last course.  If you have not finalized your registration bill, email from your student account and include your 790# to cancel your class registration.  

If you or someone else has paid/finalized your registration bill, you will be required to fill out a withdrawal form and visit with a withdrawal coordinator.  More information can be found on the withdrawal webpage.

What does a "Closed Section" mean?

The section is full and does not permit waitlisting. For 500 & 600-level courses, you may obtain an electronic override at the discretion of the instructor.

What does "Closed Section-Waitlisted" mean?

The course is full and the student has the ability to add to the waitlist. Classes that have a waitlist cannot be overridden with an instructor’s signature on an override form until the first day of class. You may obtain an electronic override at the discretion of the instructor once classes begin.

What does "Opened- Reserved for Waitlist" mean?

The course is full, but the student may add to the waitlist.  Although there appears to be an open seat, the space is reserved for the student at the top of the waitlist who has 72-hours to register.

For more details on waitlisting please visit the Registrar's Waitlisting FAQ page or Registering for Class that has a Waitlist.

What does it mean when it says “Consent of Chair Required”?

This means that you must have the Chair of your major complete an electronic override to register for the course.  Once the electronic override is issued, you may add the course using the Registration link until the 15th instructional day.

What does "Consent of Honors Required" or "Cohort Restriction" mean?

Students must obtain consent from the Honors College or department in charge of the cohort.  The instructor or department personnel may complete an electronic override.  Once issued, you may add the course using the Registration link until the 15th instructional day. Not all overrides are approved.

What does "Course not available at this time" mean?

It is past the deadline to add or drop courses, the course has been cancelled, or administrative CyberBear maintenance is taking place.

I dropped a class but it still shows that I am registered in CyberBear.  Why?

Courses dropped after the 15th instructional day of the semester will still appear on your schedule/transcript in CyberBear.  When grades are recorded you will be assigned a “W”, “WP”, or “WF”. *Please note summer session deadlines change as sessions are shorter than Fall and Spring.

What is duplicate session?

You have already successfully added this particular course and section to your registration.  You cannot add the same CRN twice in the same semester.

What are registration holds?

There are a variety of reasons for this error message. Some of the more common reasons are: missing or incomplete medical history form; missing SAT or ACT scores; financial aid repayment; Behavioral Health Options program participation; Dean of Students hold; Residence Life hold; Financial Aid holds; Graduate School hold; missing transcripts (Enrollment Services). You should contact the appropriate office to lift the hold.

What is "Link Error"?

This course has a co-requisite section linked to a primary section. The primary section is typically the larger, common lecture and the co-linked section is either a smaller lab or discussion section. When registering, the student must register for the primary section and the linked section at the same time. For further instructions on how to register for a linked course: Registering for Linked Course

What does "Linked Courses Must All Be Dropped" mean?

This means that if you drop the lecture portion of a linked class, you must drop the lab/discussion section as well.  You cannot take one without the other. These must be dropped at the same time.

What does "Maximum Hours Exceeded" mean?

Students are only allowed to take 21 credits a semester, unless a “Maximum Credit Override Form” is signed by the student’s advisor giving them permission to register for more than 21 credits. You can pick this form up in Registrar's Office in Lommasson 201. 

What does "Not Permitted to Register" mean?

Your registration time is not yet available based on your class standing or registration group. Please visit the Registration Timetable for more information. Check also to make sure that you clicked on the appropriate term, as students occasionally incorrectly select the Law Semester from the pull down menu.

What does it mean when it says “Invalid alternate PIN, please try again”?

This means that the student entered their PIN incorrectly. They need to contact their advisor and request or verify their correct PIN.  If CyberBear tells you you’ve tried your PIN too many times, log out and log back in before re-trying your verified PIN.

What do I do if there is a time conflict between two courses I want to take?

Request an electronic override from the instructor of the course you’d like to sign up for or contact the Registrar's Office through from you student email account.  You must include the CRN for the course you wish to add and your 790#.

What does Consent of Instructor mean?

The instructor will need to grant you an electronic override before you may register for the course.  This is the instructor’s preference – it does not mean that the course is closed or full. 

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