Journalism - Phone Call Recording: Audition

To get the phone number please talk to JTECH or your Professors.Here are instructions to record the phone conversation into the audio board.

Make sure one of the sliders on the audio board has phone 1 patched into it.  You will see "Phone 1" on the screen at the top of the slider.

 If it is not already there, here is how to assign it:

  • Choose the slider you want to assign the phone to, and push the green "CNG" button at the top of the slider.
  • That will bring up a menu at the right edge of the screen.
  • Turn the red selector knob at the upper right hand corner of the board to select "Phone 1".
  • Push the red "take" button below the selector knob to assign the phone to your chosen slider.
  • "Phone 1" will now appear on the screen above the chosen slider.
  • Push the green "CNG" button again to deselect it.

Pick up handset and dial number.

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