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What you need to know for Banner 9

Finance Focus

Improved user experience

  • Modern, yet familiar, web user interface with standard controls
  • Shorter learning curve for occasional users
  • Enhanced usability and navigation for power users
  • Ability to run in any modern browser

Significant reduction in time & cost to maintain Banner

  • Ellucian Solution Manager
  • Simplifies the upgrade process
  • Minimizes system interruptions and risk
  • Reduces time and cost for installation and deployment
  • Less user testing required
  • Modifications replaced with configurations and extensions – eliminates maintenance with upgrades, reduces testing required

Improved Student and Faculty Experience

  • Student Advising Profile – saves times for students and advisors, enables personalized advice for better academic decisions
  • Attendance tracking empowers faculty, saving time for registrars and financial aid
  • Faculty Grade Entry streamlines grade processing including the ability to enter grades via spreadsheet
  • Registration
  • More intuitive, saving time for registrar and the IT office
  • Seamless integration with Ellucian Degree Works
  • Enables advisors to better plan their student’s success
  • Better visibility into course demand for registrars

Self Service modules reduce administrative burden

  • Employee Profile provides more self-service information for employees saving time for HR
  • Position Description saves time in creation, editing, routing and approval of positions and makes posting to job search sites faster and more efficient
  • Direct Deposit for staff and students reduces manual effort for employees, students and internal staff
  • Purchase Requisition delivers faster procurement or products and services, saving time for the business office
  • My Finance Query reduces reporting burden, enables better financial management
  • Communication Management enables simpler and more efficient communications in areas such as financial aid award letters, past-due tuition notices, registration reminders and more

What’s Available in Banner 9

Administrative Applications

  • Banner General
  • Banner Student
  • Banner Human Resources
  • Banner Finance
  • Banner Financial Aid
  • Banner Student Aid
  • Banner Advancement
  • Banner Accounts Receivable

Self-Service Applications


  • Registration
  • Student Advising Profile
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Faculty Grade Entry
  • Class Roster


  • Communication Management
  • Personal Information

Finance & HR

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Direct Deposit
  • My Finance Query
  • Employee Profile
  • Position Description
  • Effort Reporting
  • Labor Redistribution

The Administrative Staff Experience

With Banner 9…

  • Natural user experience
  • Simplified methods of communication
  • New capabilities on streamlining critical business processes

Impact to Staff

  • Increased job satisfaction, time, savings, and ability to self-serve
  • Stay better connected across the institution
  • Drive efficiencies with automation and process re-engineering

Banner 9’s New Look & Feel

  • Tablet friendly- Banner on-the-go
  • Supporting constituents on-the-go with all devices (Ellucian Solutions Incorporate Mobility and Web 2.0 into administrative systems architecture)
    • Watches
    • Tablets
    • Phones

Release 9 Administrative Improvements

  • Enhanced user interface
    • Standard tools and log out information.
    • Page navigation, total number of records and table and field information; can be used on tablet or desktop
  • Application Navigation (Personalized Banner admin landing page)
    • Add you institution name
    • Set your own background
    • Search for and open new and legacy Banner forms using normal language or seven character abbreviation.
  • Purchase Requisition – Mobile
    • One dashboard that shows all of your purchase requisitions and their statuses
    • Easy to create or review a purchase requisition from any device
  • Direct Deposit
    • Enables ease of entry to add, edit, or delete account details for both Accounts Payable and Payroll transactions
    • Improves security and administration of bank account information
    • Includes constituent notification capabilities for added and changed entries
    • Mobile, tablet, and desktop ready
  • My Finance Query
  • Communication Management (Key Features)
    • Features work across the Banner enterprise
    • Manages transactional connections to your constituents using Banner data
    • Set notifications or reminders to register for classes or when tuition is past due
  • Personal Information Self-Service
    • View, edit and update biographic and demographic information
    • Will display first/middle/last and preferred name in Personal Details, yet support name display differently in Overview section
    • Configurable using the Integration Configuration Settings (GORICCR) page
    • Direct Deposit and Personal Information functionality merged into single application
    • Easier to update and configure, by institution

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