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Managed Software Center is a software deployment tool for macOS. Managed Software Center is where UM macOS users can obtain campus-licensed and campus-approved software such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, EndNote, and more.
The Student Computer Fee is one of three different student fees collected for the purpose of funding technology costs within the University.
Lab reservation policies and procedures. An instructor may reserve a lab for hands-on instruction in an academic class. To reserve a lab, please follow the procedures outlined below.
A mailing list is a communication tool used by its members to participate in online discussions by posting comments, suggestions, and other information to a large number of people at the same time. At The University of Montana, employees and students have the opportunity to host and/or participate in online discussions that are locally administered by Information Technology using LISTSERV, an email communication tool.
IT Central provides support for University of Montana owned Mac computers. This includes installing licensed software, configuration, troubleshooting and installation of components and/or replacement of defective components.
No charges are made for the use of PTS circulating equipment when faculty, students or staff request them for state appropriated activities. University affiliated non-state supported activities are charged 50% of rental fees listed in the current Circulating media presentation equipment Rental Schedule for non-University affiliated users. Labor fees are assessed to all users for delivery and/or operator services. Other services such as production and copy services are available on a fee basis
Computer lab policies including reservations, assistive technology, and help.
Residents agreeing to this End User License Agreement (EULA) must use the University Network Service in an ethical and lawful manner. The use of University Network is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked for misuse.
A Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation occurs when an individual is caught illegally downloading, uploading, or sharing copyright material. The University considers students who illegally download, upload, or share such material to be in violation of The University of Montana-Missoula Student Conduct Code (Section V.A., Subsection 6).
Numerous non-University web systems for social networking and electronic messaging--i.e., Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. --have become readily available to promote communication. Creating University policy for the appropriate use of each external system seems a futile exercise, so rapidly do the systems propagate. Nonetheless, University personnel and students engaged in official University activity (such as student organizations conducting official organizational activities) either planning
Microsoft Safe Links is a feature of Microsoft’s Defender for Office 365 which is designed to protect students, faculty, and staff from phishing attempts and other malicious activity.
Policy for best practices to Telecommute safely and securely.
Instructions for accessing and using voice mail on the UM campus. It also contains the link to Voice Mail Web Access where you can access and manage your voice mail on line. This is intended for employees and affiliates of UM who use the Avaya voice mail feature on their phone.
A comprehensive list of dedicated IT support at the University of Montana.
UM Faculty and Staff use the Banner system for key administrative functions and data management. Banner is a web-based, graphic user interface that enables employees to process everything from payroll to finances to student records.
IT provides training and consulting to help departments meet requirements of UM's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility policy.
Departmental IT staff are authorized to request SPSS and AMOS authorization codes for departmental employee device activation. IT staff must abide by IBM's licensing terms and conditions.
Process for managing storage of Zoom cloud recordings.
User manuals for the most commonly used telephones distributed on campus
The University of Montana has a Microsoft Enrollment for  Education Solutions (EES) campus agreement. This agreement provides subscription licensing for Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus. Current UM employee who need to access or use an education platform product to perform essential job functions can now download the latest version of Microsoft Office free of charge as part of this agreement.
Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are available in many of UM's theaters and lecture halls.
Summary of captioning services and media conversion for Central IT (Accessible Technology Services), Disability Services for Students, Mansfield Library and UMOnline.
Box is a cloud-based storage and collaboration tool from UM provides the enterprise version of Box available exclusively to higher education institutions.
Federated identity management allows members of one organization to use their authentication credentials to access a web application in another institution. UM participates in the InCommon federation that includes education, research and partner organizations. The federation provides a common framework for trusted shared management of access to online resources.