Accessibility Review Request for Moodle/LTI Integrations

IT provides electronic and information technology (EIT) reviews to help departments meet requirements of UM's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility policy. In particular, Accessible Technology Services provides reviews for Moodle (LTI) integrations for online publisher content to ensure that any third-party tools added to Moodle meet accessibility requirements.

Please note: If you are requesting a review of general software or hardware, please go to the Software and hardware accessibility review service page.

Specific to Moodle (LTI) integrations:  An LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) is essentially a way to integrate third-party platforms with Moodle. All of these look a little different depending on the vendor. For more information, IMS Global Learning Consortium provides an LTI Fundamentals FAQ.

UM faculty must ensure that all components of courses are accessible and usable by all students. These digital resources often need to be remediated for accessibility as an accommodation for students with disabilities. Please be proactive to ensure all digital resources are accessible from the onset. This enables all students, with and without disabilities, to participate fully in the course. Accessibility solutions often benefit all students.

If you are considering purchasing, acquiring, or using a particular piece of software or third-party publisher materials for your courses, please complete the Accessibility Review Request form for Moodle/LTI integrations service request form. Providing this information four to six weeks in advance of use will allow ATS time to review your selections and confirm that they meet our accessibility compliance requirements. The review process timeline can vary, depending on staff workload, vendor response times, and the testing process itself. Please direct your questions to ATS.

To request review, please click the "Request Service" button to the right.

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