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Access to a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive

Request access to a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

Access to an application

I need access to an application

Accessibility Review Request for Moodle/LTI Integrations

Accessibility Review for Moodle/LTI integrations

Accessible alternative text formatting

Students registered with UM's Office for Disability Equity may request alternative formats for their textbooks through Central IT's Accessible Technology Services.

Add Drop Courses

How to add/ or drop courses for College of Business special sessions

Adobe Software Request

Request for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Pro for UM Employees

Assigned Administrative Privileges Request

Request to allow user administrative privileges on their university-owned desktop or laptop.

Audio and video captioning for accessibility

Captioning is a verbatim rendering of the words, speech sounds and non-speech sounds that appear with the visual recording in synchronized fashion. Captioning makes it possible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to access audio information.

Audio/video equipment checkout

Presentation Technology Services (PTS) with the Mansfield Library provides media presentation equipment to campus users, and in limited cases, off-campus users. Please note - If you need equipment in less than 24 hours before an event please call 243-4875 for availability.

Audio/video production assistance

Audio and video recording of lectures and performances. Audio and video editing. Audio and video digitization and conversion. Do-it-yourself production stations with support. General audio and video production support. (All services for University related purposes only; we cannot handle digitization requests for personal items. For copyrighted items we require written permission from the copyright holder.)


Banner ad in mobile app request

Banner space is available on a weekly basis in the UMontana mobile app. Learn more about what makes a good banner at

Banner Password Reset

This service is for Banner password resets, this will not give you an initial banner account.

Borrow a Griz Card Reader

Request to borrow a Griz Card reader for assessment purposes or to accept UMoney on a short-term basis.

Building Surveillance

Griz Card Center offers surveillance additions for buildings within Enrollment and Student Affairs via digital or analog cameras.


Campus map feedback and help

The UM campus map contains multiple data layers such as wireless access locations, accessibility routes and entrances, parking, places to eat and more.

Cascade Access Request - Existing Website

Complete this form to request access to an existing website in Cascade CMS. This form must be be completed by the individual requesting access. Do not fill this out on behalf of another user. Sponsor approval and web accessibility training are required to gain Cascade access.

Cascade Access Request - New Website

Complete this form to request a new website in Cascade CMS. This form can be completed by new or existing Cascade users. Sponsor approval is required to create a new website.

Cascade CMS - Form Data Request

Complete this form to request access to Cascade form data. Data submitted through the Form Builder plugin can be accessed on the Cascade Form Data web app.

Cascade CMS website editing help

If you need help editing your Cascade site, fill out our form to request a meeting or to receive assistance from our Web Team technicians.

ChemDraw Software Request

This software, which is the standard chemical structure drawing software in science, is used by scientists for drawing molecules and reactions for day to day work in the laboratory, for preparing figures for publications, reports, notebook entries, for calculating exact mass for molecular structure characterization, predicting NMR, generating chemical names and for basic 3D modeling.

COH equipment reservation

To reserve College of Health equipment. Before requesting a reservation please look at the google calendar to see if the items are available for the day/time you need them.

Course Recording Request

The College of Business offers recording of courses for faculty within the college.

Custom Application Support

Complete this form to request assistance with an existing custom application or to request development of a new custom application.


Data backup help

Having your data in just one place is dangerous in the face of computer loss, theft, destruction, accidental deletion, hardware or power failure, so backing up your valuable data is important. IT can help you backup your files, folders, music, photos, projects, etc.

Data encryption help

Protect and secure critical and sensitive data by requesting encryption services.

Deposit UMoney using an Index Code (Department Bill)

Griz Card offers immediate deposits or "give away" cards that can be redeemed for UMoney and billed to your index code.

Device inventory audit

I need a device inventory audit (an inventory of all physical devices for my unit / department, etc.)

Digital signage advertising in residence halls (UM IT)

If your department would like to advertise a slide on the SAIT residence hall signage (DEN), request this service.

Document review for accessibility

IT provides document review and remediation services (to WCAG 2.0 Guidelines) for several different types of documents. Documents will be reviewed and remeditated for accessibility and an accessibility report will be given to the requestor. Documents will be reviewed and remediated on a first in/first out basis, with priority given to academic departments.

DocuSign Help

Help with Docusign (issues, questions, training)

Drug Information Service Request

The UM Drug Information Service is a free resource for health care professionals. Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and allied health practitioners in all areas of medicine are invited to contact us with questions of a non-emergent nature. The service does not field calls from the general public.


eAccounts Online Deposit Troubleshooting

More information and assistance with Griz Card UMoney and Bear Bucks deposit transactions and logging in to eAccounts.

Enrollment Technology Request (Slate)

Request for prospective undergraduate student data records


ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps, data and analytical models, and geographic information. It is used for: creating and using maps; compiling geographic data; analyzing mapped information; sharing and discovering geographic information; using maps and geographic information in a range of applications; and managing geographic information in a database.

External DNS entry request

To request external (public-facing) DNS entries and/or associated firewall openings to an existing internal IP address.


Faculty Rollout Request

Request this service if you are eligible for your faculty rollout hardware.

File share, departmental folder, or shared drive audit request

Request an audit of a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

File share, departmental folder, or shared drive request

This service can provide a file share, departmental folder, mapped drive on a supported IT server.

Forward campus extension to off-campus phone number

Submit this request if you need to forward your campus extension to an off-campus phone number.

Four Bear Program Graduation Plan Submission

Submittal form for students enrolled in the Four Bear Program to submit their four-year graduation plans

Four Bear Program Transfer Student Sign-Up

Sign-up form for transfer students to enroll in the Four Bear four-year graduation program


GA Pool Requests

COB Faculty request for additional Graduate Assistant projects to be completed

General Help/ Questions

If you need help with an issue (malfunctioning hardware, software errors, password resets, classroom technology, etc.). If you cannot find answers in the Knowledge base or through a service request please submit a ticket.

General Issues/Requests

Report an issue or submit a general request/question to the OSS Tech Team.

General Qualtrics Help Request

Qualtrics Support is your one-stop shop to learn how to use any part of the Qualtrics Platform. An entire library of articles, manuals, and troubleshooting tools - right at your fingertips. To access Qualtrics support, click Help when you are logged into into your UM Qualtrics account.

General Software Request

Information Technology manages several campus-wide software products for UM faculty, staff and students. Additionally, many campus departments purchase specific software products for their departments. The following software title list is provided as a courtesy. The list is in development and is not inclusive of all campus software titles. If you don't see a title you have interest in reviewing/purchasing, please contact UM IT Help for assistance (406-243-4357) or your departmental technical support staff member.

General Zoom Help Request

University of Montana has an enterprise agreement for Zoom Technologies, a cloud-based product that provides remote conferencing, meeting and chat services.

Glean Cloud-Based Note-taker Help

Glean Note-taker (Formerly called Sonocent Audio Notetaker) is a cloud-based software that supports your note-taking educational endeavors and is available to ODE students with a note-taking accommodation.


Hardware and device surplus or decommission

Request this service if hardware needs to be sent to surplus or decommissioned. Hardware may include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.).

Hardware replacement or new purchase

Request this service if new hardware needs to be purchased or old hardware needs to be replaced. Hardware can include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.).


I need help from the Griz Card Center

I need help from the Griz Card Center.

Index code change for telephones or ports

Index change requests are for telephone fixed costs and network ports.This is for Index Code changes ONLY.

Install a new Griz Card Reader

Griz Card offers various options to meet your needs. Submit a request for more information.

IP address/modify DNS record request

To request DNS entries associating a fully-qualified domain name with an IP address, or to modify existing DNS records.


JAWS Screen Reading Help

JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is a screen reading program developed for Windows computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse.


Mailing list audit request (LISTSSERV)

Request an audit of your mailing list or listserv.

Mailing list creation request (LISTSERV)

A mailing list is a communication tool used by its members to participate in on-line discussions by posting comments, suggestions, and other information to a large number of people at the same time.

Maple software

Maple is a symbolic and numeric computing environment, and is also a multi-paradigm programming language. University of Montana has a limited number of network licenses available for faculty and student use.

Mathematica software

Mathematica is a mathematical symbolic computation program. University of Montana has a limited number of campus licenses available.

MatLab software

MatLab is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment developed by MathWorks. University of Montana has a enterprise agreement for MatLab.

Microsoft Manual Activation Key (MAK)

Departmental and Central IT technical support staff only are authorized to request Microsoft multiple activation keys for Windows and Office software.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that is part of the Office 365 suite of tools.

Moodle Help

Request assistance with Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

Move technology equipment to a new location

Hardware needs to be moved from one location to another, use this form if you or someone else is moving to a new location, or if hardware is being reassigned to a different location or new employee. Hardware may include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.).

Multimedia consultation

Request a multimedia consultation


Name Badges for my Department or Conference

Griz Card offers design and setup services for custom name tags and conference or event cards.

NetID Impersonation Request

Impersonation access attached to your netID for testing in Cyberbear, DegreeWorks, and Retain.

NetID online password reset block or unblock request

Request to block or unblock the online NetID password reset in situations regarding security breaches, etc.

Network and telephone work order authorization

This form should be completed to authorize individuals within the unit who can initiate work orders and make changes to telephone and network billing.

Network services for leased space

This service is for non-UM customer access to UM network (data ports) services. Use this service if you are leasing space from UM and need a new network service. This service is available to all non-UM entities who do, or will, lease space from UM.

Non-Instructional Moodle Shell Request

Request for a Moodle shell for non-instructional purposes (non-CRN courses), such as training, department collaboration, or a sandbox/development shell for practicing, testing tools, or developing an upcoming course.


OCR Convert a PDF Request

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document converter service does not make documents accessible. It automatically converts individual image-based PDFs and images into text-based electronic documents.

Operating system installation or upgrade

To re-install or upgrade an operating system on a University owned computer.

Orbital Shift Software Help

Report if the Orbital Shift software is not working as expected.


Papercut audit request

Request a Papercut audit

Papercut printing refund request

This form is to request a refund if the PaperCut printer failed to print and your UMoney account was reduced. Please contact the department’s lab support to determine the cause of the printer failure before requesting a refund.

Printer Help Request

Request help with a printer issue, acquire toner, get access to a printer, or request a consultation if your current printer is not meeting your needs.


Qualtrics Accessibility Problem

Having a problem sending out a Qualtrics survey due to accessibility formatting. Getting an error message regarding survey accessibility.


Read&Write Help

Steps for Logging into Read&Write Version 12 for Win and Version 7 for Mac. After you register for Read and Write, you will receive a link to download to software. Download the 30-day trial for your operating system. Follow the login information below to activate Read and Write after the program installs. These instructions work for both Windows and Mac.

Receive voicemail email notifications

Submit this request to setup email notification of new voice mail messages.

Remote control access for computer

Allow IT to access your computer from our offices - this will allow us to view error messages, confirm issues, or even fix problems in the background, or request assistance to allow remote control access to your machine for personal use when utilizing VPN off campus.

Remote control access for computer

Allow IT to access your computer from our offices - this will allow us to view error messages, confirm issues, or even fix problems in the background, or request assistance to allow remote control access to your machine for personal use when utilizing VPN off campus.

Residence Hall Personal Device Appointment

UM IT offers house-call appointments for in person support with personal devices in University Residence Halls.

Restoration of deleted data, files, folders

Restoration of deleted or lost data, files, and folders.


Scantron Machine Reservation

This is to reserve time on the Scantron machine, which has moved to Mansfield Library as of 8/20/2021. The Scantron station is to the left of The Paw Print doors on the main floor of the Library. You can ask the Circulation Desk or Paw Print about access when you go to use it.

Scantron Roster Upload

The Mansfield Library provides a Scantron grading machine with ParScore scoring software to grade exams where answers are recorded on Scantron forms. Scantron forms are available at the UM Bookstore (form No. F-289-PAR-L). The Scantron station is to the left of The Paw Print doors on the main floor of the Library. You can ask the Circulation Desk or Paw Print about access when you go to use it.

Security Awareness Training Help Request

Submit this form if you are having trouble logging in KnowBe4 the UM's security awareness training for faculty, staff, and administrators.

Security or user group audit request

Request an audit of a security or user group

Security/Surveillance Camera Issue

Report security/surveillance camera issues in campus buildings to Griz Card Staff.

Shared group email account or departmental alias

Submit this request for a sponsored email account that will be shared with other individuals or groups.

Shared network printer access

Request printing access to a shared network printer.

Shared public folder create, modify or delete

Request to create, modify, or delete a shared public folder.

Software and hardware accessibility review

IT provides electronic and information technology (EIT) review to help departments meet requirements of UM's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility policy. Accessible Technology Services provides software and hardware review as part of Procurement along with a variety of other reviews to ensure that documents, instructional materials, media, software, hardware, computing systems and websites meet accessibility requirements.

Solutions Center Feedback / Questions

To report issues with UM Solutions Center or ask questions you cannot find in the knowledgebase

Solutions Center new knowledgebase article request

If you can't find what you're looking for in the Solution Center's knowledgebase, requesting this service will notify the UM Solutions Center Knowledgebase governance committee. Requests for articles are reviewed, prioritized, and created on a monthly basis.

Solutions Center new service creation request

New service request for service, form, workflow, etc to be create in the TeamDynamix system.

SPSS and AMOS licensing for UM and UM Western academic faculty and researchers (research and instruction)

Departmental IT support staff only are authorized to request SPSS and AMOS authorization codes from Central IT for their faculty and staff.

SPSS licensing for UM and UM Western students

University of Montana through an enterprise licensing agreement with IBM, provides access to SPSS statistical software for UM and UM Western students (computer labs and personal devices.)

Student Affairs Web App Support

Student Affairs supports many custom web applications. This service is to report issues, upgrades, systems changes, permissions, etc. for all Student Affairs IT supported web applications.

Example of SAIT supported applications: DCO Home, Door Access App, Food Zoo Menu & Tag Printing, Griz Card Tickets App, Griz Card Wiki, Hall Snacks App, Housing/Roommate Finder, Student Hiring App, Unclaimed Property App, etc.

Student Computer Fee Employment Funding Request

Student Computer Fee Employment funding will now be allocated based on the below model on a biannual basis. Please review the 3 tiers of technicians and fill out the form requesting funding based on your current staffing or desired student employees for term selected. Your results will be sent to the SCF Hiring Oversight Committee.

Student Computer Fee Hardware/Software Request

Submit a proposal for hardware or software using student computing fee funding.

Student Success Technologies Access Request

Submit a request to add or update staff access to student success technologies (Starfish, DegreeWorks, CyberBear for Faculty and Advisors).

Submittable Account Request

Process for requesting a new Submittable account.


TDX add/modify/delete a system user group

This request is to add/modify/delete a system group in UM Solutions Center (this is for ticket assignments and viewing permissions).

TDX add/modify/remove a user account

To request changes for a user of TDX (adding/removing users to groups, adding users not in the system, updating user profiles)

Technology Consultation

To request a consultation from IT regarding technology (computers, classroom technology, signage, etc.)

TechPartners Membership Application

Technology Partners is designed to form closer alliances between IT and individual departments on campus. Tech Partners is a strategically managed partnership between local technology support staff and central IT to increase the efficient and effective use of departmental computing resources.

Telephone name change update

Name change update for Campus Telephone Caller ID, Voice Mail Programming, Telephone Related Database systems.
Related: To update your University of Montana work number, (or other employee personal information) listed in the UM Online Directory (; please submit a hard copy of the Personal Information Form to Human Resource Services in Lommasson 252.

Telephone or network connection repair

Repairs for telephone issues or data/network connectivity (not including wireless). No prior authorization is required before submitting repair requests. Repair requests are placed in queue on a first-reported, first-repaired basis with the exception of major, or emergency services outages. Repair work typically takes priority over other types of service work. As always, please plan ahead for any routine, adds, moves or changes.

Telephone services for leased space

This service is for non-UM customer access to UM telephone services. Use this service if you are leasing space from UM and need a new telephone service. This service is available to non-UM entities who do, or will, lease space from UM.

Time Clock Hardware Issues

Report if a Time Clock is not working as expected.

Transfer Ownership of Qualtrics Survey

If the owner of a Qualtrics survey has left the University and you need to transfer ownership of the survey to another user's UM Qualtrics account.


UM Box folder modify permissions request

This request is to edit permissions, access, or members in UM Box groups assigned to UM Box departmental folders.

UM Box folder request

The UM Box folder request is for creating shared folders for departmental units to share files collaboratively within their department without having individual owners, but instead with a UM IT managed departmental owner, to prevent loss of data.

UM employee computer/email account

A UM employee domain account will grant you access to UM employee email, ability to log in to UM owned computers, shared departmental network drives, public folders, email distribution groups, networked printers, and other tools and applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, etc.

UM IT systems change or update request

The IT Change Advisory Board (CAB) exists to support the vetting and authorization of higher risk changes to IT systems and services.

UMDW Password Reset

This service is for UM Data Warehouse password resets, this will not give you an initial UMDW account.

UMontana email address modification request

In addition to obtaining an email account, employees obtain a University email address in the form of a UMontana alias, this request is to update or modify a UMontana alias after a legal name change. To change your computer/email username ( and/or your UM employee email address ( complete the UM employee computer/email account form.

UMontana Mobile App - Push Notification Request

Complete this form to request a push notification to be sent to a target audience in the UMontana mobile app. Requests for push notifications must be made three days before date of send and are subject to revision to comply with push notification guidelines and scheduled availability.

UMontana mobile app feedback and help

The UMontana Mobile App is a suite of mobile services that includes access to information, integration with UM academic tools, and the ability to conduct University business from your phone, tablet, or the web.

User permissions audit request

Request a user permissions audit


Virtual machine (VM) server request

This service appeals to departments who want to maintain autonomy over their server management without the expense of purchasing and housing their own hardware.

Virtual private network (VPN) access

Remote access to The University of Montana's network is available by connecting your device to Cisco's AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Service.


Web conference hosting

Assistance hosting a web conference.

Web Redirect Request

Complete this form to request a web redirect or shortened URL. The provided short URL must not point to an existing page. Redirects will be maintained on a temporary basis.

Wireless Internet Access

UM students and employees can connect to a secure wireless network using eduroam, and a courtesy guest wireless network for campus visitors called grizzlyguest.