How can I request a new site in Cascade?


This article will detail how to request a new Cascade site.


  1. First, you will need to fill out our form for a new Cascade site.
  • This form will ask you some basic information about what site you are requesting and if there is any additional information that the web team needs to be aware of for the site. The form also includes a field for your Sponsor's Email. In most cases, your sponsor could be your boss, your department head or someone who already works on the site.
  • This form will automatically email your sponsor and ask them if they approve you gaining access to the site, so it's a good idea to alert your sponsor to keep an eye out for the request email. Your sponsor must reply to that email with approval before we can give access. If you need help determining who would be an appropriate sponsor for your site, please email us at
  1. There is one last requirement before we can grant you access to Cascade, you must complete the accessibility training quiz.  This training consists of a 10-minute video followed by 5 questions. If you already have Cascade access, you can ignore this step.

After you have submitted the site request form, the accessibility training quiz and we have received approval from your sponsor, we will create your new site in Cascade.  If you are experiencing a delay in receiving access, please verify with your sponsor that they have approved the site, as that is the most common issue that causes delays in giving access.

You will be notified via email once your new site has been created.

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