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• UM system change requests

Services (8)

Solutions Center new service creation request

New service request for service, form, workflow, etc to be create in the TeamDynamix system.

UM IT systems change or update request

The IT Change Advisory Board (CAB) exists to support the vetting and authorization of higher risk changes to IT systems and services.

TDX add/modify/remove a user account

To request changes for a user of TDX (adding/removing users to groups, adding users not in the system, updating user profiles)

Solutions Center change or update request

This request is for UM Solutions Center center users who need to make changes to a service, add groups, or update automation's.

Solutions Center license request

Request to purchase technicians user licenses for UM Solutions Center (TeamDynamix - ITSM solution). Licenses may be purchased by units adopting UM Solutions Center, as well as other UM units who may also want to adopt the tool in the future.

TDX email and/or email monitor request

To request a new email and/or email monitor to submit tickets into TDX.
Within TeamDynamix, we have the ability to utilize email monitors to enable ticket creation based off email messages. Tickets are created off the emails sent to the specific monitors and rules can be created to route tickets based on content provided in the message.

Solutions Center new knowledgebase article request

If you can't find what you're looking for in the Solution Center's knowledgebase, requesting this service will notify the UM Solutions Center Knowledgebase governance committee. Requests for articles are reviewed, prioritized, and created on a monthly basis.

TDX add/modify/delete a system user group

This request is to add/modify/delete a system group in UM Solutions Center (this is for ticket assignments and viewing permissions).