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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my IT department switching to the UM Solutions Center?

A: There are currently 8 IT departments managing services with UM Solutions Center. 

  • IT Central
  • College of Business
  • College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences
  • College of Forestry and Conservation
  • Student Affairs IT
  • Journalism IT
  • Law School IT
  • School of Extended and Lifelong Learning

If you are unsure of who your IT department is, please review the Who Supports Me article.

Q: What is the service catalog?

A: The service catalog is a categorical listing of services provided by participating units on campus. Requesting a service is usually accompanied by a form that is submitted and routed to the appropriate entity to fulfill it. You can view the service catalog by clicking "Services" in the top navigation, by clicking the "Request our Services" button on the UM Solutions Center Landing page, or by following this link

Q: What is the knowledge base?

A: The knowledge base is a collection of informational articles designed to provide information that helps users guide their way through self-help. Knowledge base articles often contain links to related services. You can view the knowledge base by clicking the "Knowledge Base" button in the top navigation, by clicking the "Find a Solution" button on the UM Solutions Center Landing page, or by following this link

Q: How do I view requests that I've submitted?

A: You can view your submitted requests by clicking on "Services" in the top navigation and then clicking "Ticket Requests" in the new sub-menu or click the "My Submitted Requests" button on the UM Solutions Center Landing page.

Q: How do I submit a ticket?

A: There are several ways to submit a ticket. If you are reporting a problem with technology you are using, you can click the "Report a Problem" button on the UM Solutions Center Landing page. If you are requesting a service from your IT department for items such as: new accounts, emails, hardware, or access requests please view the UM Solutions Center Service Catalog to place requests.

Q: What do I do after I submit a ticket?

A: After you submit a ticket you'll receive an email confirmation. Your IT unit will address and update your request throughout the life-cycle of your ticket. You can view your ticket, make comments, add attachments, or withdraw your request at any time. 

Q: What is the difference between a ticket submitter and a ticket requestor?

A: A ticket submitter is the person who fills out the request on their computer. The requestor is often the same individual, unless the submitter specifies a requestor on the the request. This usually happens when a ticket is submitted on behalf of someone else.

Q: Can I submit tickets on the behalf of someone else?

A: Yes! By default, you will be listed in the "Requestor/Request on behalf of" field. All you need to do is change this field to the individual you are requesting for 

Q: Which IT department on campus is handling my request?

A: For information on which IT department supports your unit, please reference the Who Supports Me article. However, you might find that certain services are fulfilled only by a specific IT department. You can find this information in the "Support" field of any service description. 

Q: What do I do if I can't find the service I am looking for?

A: You can request the "I can't find the service I'm looking for." service from the Service Catalog.

Q: How do I contact my IT department without submitting a ticket?

A: You can contact your IT department via phone or email using the contact information on the UM Solutions Center landing page.

Q: How can I manage my services with the UM Solutions Center?

A: First, you'll want to review these articles: How do I request for my services to be added to the UM Solutions Centerand What is involved with onboarding to the UM Solution Center.If you have further questions, please contact the TDX Systems Admin.