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Cascade content management system is UM's solution for website development and management.
Stories are an exciting iteration of tiles. They are an excellent feature to showcase new content that will be updated on a regular basis. These elements can be displayed under the Featured Image, giving your users the ability to keep up-to-date with important new content available on your site.
The University of Montana is a member of an InCommon program that allows for unlimited SSL certificates for domains under University control at no cost to departments.
Plugins are optional Cascade entities that add features to your website.
The Web Team offers aid in creating a more visually pleasing and navigable website for our users.
The UM campus map contains multiple data layers such as wireless access locations, accessibility routes and entrances, parking, places to eat and more.
IT supports Qualtrics for use by campus departments and organizations. Qualtrics is a sophisticated, easy-to-use web service for developing, administering and analyzing web-based surveys.
Requesting a new site in Cascade
Request editing access to an existing Cascade site
Web space and/or accounts can be provided to students if all postings are approved in advance by appropriate, responsible, UM staff.
All Web servers, both "primary" (centrally-managed) and "secondary" (managed by dispersed UM offices and units) located on the UM network must meet standards regarding the approval, creation, and deletion of accounts for individuals who manage Web content, and the appropriate use of those accounts.

The Information Technology Office has the responsibility of coordinating with other campus organizations to implement standards and to outline a system by which the standards shall be adopted acros