Banner Feed Owner's Guide

Your Responsibilities

Term Changes

Most Banner Feeds require term codes to run correctly (i.e. 201570.) If this is the case with your feed,
you will need to submit a change order to Judy Grenfell in ET for every term. Term codes do not change
automatically for feeds. There is a form to help you communicate this change, contact any member of
ET listed on this sheet for a copy, or email Judy directly.
Please keep in mind that most feeds have a normal, and a law term. If your population includes law
students, you will need to specify both terms for the changes.

Vendor Error and Success Emails

If the feed import/export fails on the vendor’s side for some reason, you will most likely be notified via
email. Although SAIT and ET are here to help you resolve these issues, due to the volume of feeds we
cannot review these email messages. If a feed fails on the vendor’s side, you are responsible for starting
the resolution process (be it changing how the feed works, scheduling a rerun of the feed, or just waiting
for the next day to run it again.)
UC4 is monitored by Judy Grenfell, if a feed import/export fails on the UM side, Judy will notify ET via
opening a ticket in JIRA, and you will be added as a watcher and work to resolve the issue.


JIRA is the software that ET uses to track their work—it is essentially a ticketing system. You should
work with Gary Trethewey to get an account in JIRA, and Annie Burgad to be trained on how to use JIRA. In the event that you will need a change to your feed, or if there is a problem, JIRA is where that work will be requested and tracked (with the exception of scheduling changes, which need to be done through Judy Grenfell.)

JIRA can be found at this URL: 

Key ET Contacts

Annie (Ruth) Burgad – x2869 – Senior Programmer/Analyst

Gary Trethewey – x2999

Judy Grenfell – x2970 – Production Control Specialist


ET– Enterprise Technologies department; aka the banner programmers in Central IT.
Feed – The data that is sent to and from Banner via a file.
Dump – Another name for a feed.
CSV – Similar to an excel file, a CSV is a text file with rows of data and columns separated by commas.
This is the file format for most vendor feeds.
FTP – File Transfer Protocol, how we send feeds to and from different systems.
SFTP – Same as above, but secured in a specific way.
SQL – the language that we query the database with.
Query – How a lookup in a database is done using SQL.
Stored Procedure – A way for banner to perform pre-defined queries.
Package – Code written in banner (like a stored procedure) is deployed inside a package.
Job – A single building block within UC4 used to execute various programs (FTP, dataLoad, sql, etc).
UC4 – The software that EIS uses to schedule banner jobs.
Delta – A small version of an output feed that only contains changes from the last time it was run.
Within JIRA, you are added to the tracking system so you will receive all correspondence on the work  
order through email.
Process Flow – Container that includes multiple jobs which can have conditions built in to determine
whether certain jobs run or not.
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