How do I change or reset my NetID password?

Establish or change security questions

Changing and/or resetting your NetID password online requires verification of your identity. Verification is accomplished using a security question. You must select and answer a security question through The online password reset feature is available after this action has been completed. If you haven't set a security question, your password can be reset at IT Central in Social Science 120. You will be asked to provide a valid University ID card for identification purposes. Please note that after three unsuccessful login attempts your NetID account is disabled for 15 minutes.

Changing your NetID password

You can change your password at Your password will expire after 365 days for security purposes. As an additional security measure, users should create complex passwords including a combination of alpha, numeric and symbolic characters (minimum of six characters).

Resetting your NetID password

If you forget your password or your password has expired, you can reset your password using your security question at

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