Journalism - Audio Room Settings: Audition

Below are instructions to get the microphones to record into Adobe Audition CC from the external MOTU sound card.  These preferences may need to be set per user profile.  Please note these audio booths are only available to Journalism students.

1. Select "Audition Preferences" from the "Edit" Menu

2 . Select "Audio Hardware"

Set "Device Class" to ASIO
Set "Device" to Motu Audio ASIO

3. Select "Audio Channel Mapping"

Device Stereo input
Set 1 - (L) to AES/EBU 1
Set 2 - (R) to AES/EBU 2

Set 1 - (L) to AES/EBU 1
Set 2 - (R) to AES/EBU 2



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