Journalism - How do I connect to JSRV?

Please follow the steps below to connect to the JSRV.  Steps for both MAC & PC are in this document.  If you have any issues connecting to the server or folders do not seem to populate please visit JTECH or submit a ticket HERE. You Must Be on Eduroam if using wireless!

NOTE: You can only access the Journalism file server from on-campus.

MAC Connection Steps

Step 1 - To connect to the server, click on the "Go" on the Finder toolbar and select the final option "Connect to server" (⌘K)

Step 2 -  The following window will ask for the server address.  The server address is as follows:


Enter the server address and Click Connect.

Step 3 - Enter your Credentials

You will need to authenticate using your NetID credentials (students) or UM credentials (for faculty). See What is a NetID?

If you are using your own Personal Mac Laptop you will see the authentication window pop up. Here you will select Registered User, type: "missoula\" followed by your NETID, enter your password, and click on connect.  Make sure you are connected to EDUROAM.

If you are using one of the JSchool Computers, you will not see this window pop-up.

Step 4 - Select Volume

You will then need to select the volume that you would like to mount. This is where you select the volume you need and click OK.

PC Connection Steps

Step 1 – Open File Explorer. 

Click where it says “Quick Access” and type the following address:


Step 2 – Enter your credentials when prompted.  You will need to select the option “Connect using different credentials” to get a window similar to below.

In the authentication box, type missoula\<NetID>

Replace <NetID> with your NetID (i.e. ab123456) and your password.

Select "Remember my credentials"

Click "OK."

Step 3 – Access JShares.




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