Conditional Use Software Checklist for ATS/UMOnline

  1. When a “conditional use” timeframe or contract is expiring for software that involves UMOnline, ATS contacts UMOnline’s Help Desk to discuss software re-testing needs at least two to three months in advance of the expiration date.

  2. UMOnline's Help Desk lead contacts the vendor to check on accessibility upgrades that may be pending and informs them of UM's need to re-test.

  3. If a testing instance is not already in place on a Sandbox site, UMOnline's Help Desk lead ensures that one is ready to go.

  4. UMOnline notifies ATS when the testing instance is ready and provides any needed login information.

  5. ATS conducts the testing with UMOnline, following the ATS testing protocol.

  6. ATS adds updated testing information to ATS’s Roadmap for the product and shares this information with the CIO.

  7. ATS notifies UMOnline if (conditional) use is granted or denied by the CIO.

  8. Any action related to the contract is completed by the responsible parties and IT notifies any UM employee using the product.

  9. UMOnline's Help Desk lead or UMOnline staff notifies the vendor and informs them about any outstanding accessibility issues.

  10. When time allows, UMOnline maintains communication with the vendor as they 1) make accessibility improvements to their product and/or 2) perform regular upgrades.

  11. If the Bookstore has been involved, UMOnline's Help Desk lead notifies them about the CIO’s decision, cc-ing UMOnline staff on the communication.

Questions about this process may be directed to:

  • ATS: EITA Coordinator (243-5362)
  • UMOnline: Instructional Design  (243-6434)
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