LTI Accessibility Checklist for UMOnline/ATS

  1. UMOnline receives an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) integration request from an instructor or a third-party vendor (Macmillan, Pearson, etc.) and informs the requester that the accessibility testing process may take approximately two to three months to complete.

  2. UMOnline communicates with the vendor in terms of the components needed for testing and configures the testing instance on the Sandbox.

  3. An instructional designer works with the instructor requesting the LTI integration and adds student-related content (assignments, activities, etc.) to the Sandbox instance.

  4. UMOnline completes the Accessible EIT Review Request form, notifying ATS that the testing instance is ready.

  5. ATS tests the student content on the Sandbox in coordination with UMOnline.

  6. ATS and UNOnline list the existing accessibility features, as well as complete, partial, and minor accessibility barriers for the product.

  7. UMOnline determines if the LTI integration can move forward, according to the requirements in UM’s Accessibility Policy, and notifies the instructor.

  8. UMOnline moves the LTI integration to production, if use is granted.

  9. If conditional use is granted for a limited period of time, UMOnline removes the LTI integration from the LMS when the time expires and notifies the instructor.

  10. According to legal counsel, these same approval steps apply when instructors link to the website of a third-party vendor (Pearson, MacMillan, Cengage, etc.) and require students to complete online activities from the vendor’s website.

Questions about this process may be directed to:

  • ATS: EITA Coordinaor (243-5362)
  • UMOnline: Instructional Design (243-6434)
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