UM IT Tech Liaisons

A Departmental Technology Liaison is intended to be a contact point for IT staff when providing IT support for a UM IT supported department. Ideally, Tech Liaisons are well known in the department and have a solid understanding of how technology is being utilized throughout his/her department.

The following are some expectations for Tech Liaisons:

  • Facilitate effective communication between your department and UM IT.
    • Facilitate internal communication within the hiring department about IT related issues (both at the staff and director level). Doing so should keep Tech Liaison knowledgeable about the departments broad IT needs at all times, and specific needs when appropriate.
    • Be available and collaborative with TECs during weekly rounds to enable efficient IT support.
    • Be in touch with staff in your department to relay technology trends, issues, and information between your department and UM IT.
    • Attend monthly UM IT Liaison Update meetings to give input on division-wide decisions and planning and relay information back to respective departments.
  • Facilitate project coordination between your department and UM IT.
  • Coordinate with UM IT and departmental staff on new computing hardware purchases.
  • Be familiar with UM IT support practices such as support tickets and phone numbers, as well as the TEC program and when weekly check-ins will occur in your area(s).
  • Be the contact point for contract and service level agreements between UM IT and your department.
  • Represent your department in the process of making ongoing and strategic decisions about IT related issues.
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