UM IT Tech Liaisons

A Departmental Technology Liaison is intended to be a contact point for IT staff when providing IT support for a UM IT supported department. Ideally, Tech Liaisons are well known in the department and have some understanding of how technology is being utilized throughout his/her department.

The following are some expectations for Tech Liaisons:

  • Facilitate effective communication between your department and UM IT.
    • Facilitate internal communication within the department about IT related issues (both at the faculty/staff and director level). Doing so should keep Tech Liaison knowledgeable about the departments broad IT needs at all times, and specific needs when appropriate.
    • Be available and collaborative with UM IT TECs during weekly check-ins to enable efficient IT support.
    • Be in touch with staff in the department to relay technology trends, issues, and information between the department and UM IT.
    • Attend regularly scheduled UM IT Liaison Update meetings to give input on broad technology decisions and planning, and to relay information back to respective departments.
  • Facilitate project coordination between the department and UM IT.
  • Coordinate with UM IT and departmental staff on new computing hardware purchases through the solution center purchase request.
  • Be familiar with UM IT support practices such as support tickets and phone numbers, as well as the TEC program and when weekly check-ins will occur in your area(s).
  • Be the contact point for licensing, contract, and service level agreements between UM IT and the department.
  • Represent the department in the process of making ongoing and strategic decisions about IT related issues.
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