Procedure- Computer lab procedures

To help ensure the smooth operation of the labs please follow the policies and procedures listed below.

  • Eating, drinking from uncovered containers and the use of tobacco are not allowed at any time.

  • Removal of documentation, software, or equipment from the labs is prohibited.

  • Software in the labs is subject to copyright licensing agreements. Copying or removing software from the labs is considered theft and is a violation of U.S. copyright laws.

  • Please leave the station ready for the next patron. Leave the monitor on the login screen, pick up all your papers and push in your chair.

  • Abuse of computing resources is considered a serious offense that may result in disciplinary action by the University and loss of computing privileges. Responsible use of computing resources includes:

    1. Using hardware and software properly.

    2. Respecting the privacy of other users; do not try to access any files that belong to another user.

    3. Respecting other users who want to be in a quiet environment that is free of interruptions. (i.e.: no cell phone use in the labs)

    4. Backing up your own data and protecting your own information. 

Lab reservations for classes

For policy and procedures on reserving a lab for your class, refer to the Lab scheduling and reservations section of this site. Lab reservations through that web page.


Assistive technology

Assistive technology for students with disabilities is provided in all IT labs and the access center in Mansfield Library 209 (ask for a key at the library circulation desk, Griz Card required). For more information on assistive technology, Disability Services for Students website.


Lost and found items

Griz Cards are returned to the Griz Card Office in the University Center . Keys, wallets and other valuables will be taken to The Source in the University Center so that they may be picked after office hours. All other items left in a IT lab and recovered by a IT staff member are hand delivered to the IT Central's front counter in Social Science 120.



Remember to bring your own labeled storage media with you or use your UM Box account for storing any files you want to keep. It is wise to make a backup copy of any important files. Permanent file storage is not provided in the labs and files left on the computers are done so at your own risk.  

In some labs the software is stored on the network server and only a certain number of copies can be used at one time. If you try to run a program and it is not available, then the maximum number of users has already been reached. Wait a short time and try again. Not all software provided in the labs is supported by IT. Supported software indicates that IT staff maintain the software and that questions may be directed to the IT Central consultants. Windows, and Microsoft Office are some of the supported programs offered. Some software has been installed at the request of instructors, and questions regarding that software must be directed to the instructor.


Where to get help

Contact IT Central in Social Science 120 (phone 243-HELP). The consulting hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

When you come in for consulting please bring a record of any error messages you have received and a record of the steps you have already taken to solve the problem. Please remember that not all software in the labs is supported by the IT Central staff.

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IT manages two general access computer labs that are open to any University student, faculty or staff. All labs are free for any student to use as long as a class is not being held in that lab at that time.