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Student Computer Fee Committee Summary of Operations

The Student Computer Fee is one of three different student fees collected for the purpose of funding technology costs within the University. It generates about $800,000 /year, allocated in a public process, by a specific committee tasked to the allocation, largely governed by BoR policy 940.3



*The SCF was always intended to supplement University funding for student IT, not pay the whole cost.

     The Student Computer Fee Committee (SCFC) is comprised of five voting members: The Director of Client Experience as the chair, two students; one appointed by ASUM and one appointed by the chair; one faculty member representing instruction, and one staff member representing implementation. There are also several non-voting members, including representatives from Disability Services for Students and Information Technology. General oversight is provided by the IT CIO.

     The primary purpose of the SCFC is to recommend and monitor the use of Student Computer Fee funds. Within the broad duties outlined by Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education policy 940.23 the committee sets its own rules governing the committee’s operating details. MTBOR policy on computer fee document.

     Currently there are five different types of allocations made from Student Computer Fee funds: computer hardware, student employment, classroom technology, network infrastructure, and student software. Specific criteria must be met in order to expend the funds and in most cases, there are reporting requirements after expenditure. 

   The SCFC meets periodically to review the SCF funds allocation process, determine allocations, review expenditure requests, and address issues as they arise.


SCF Project Requests

Requests can only be used for student computer-related expenditures such as hardware. The Unit submitting the proposal must have supplemental funds to cover any proposed expense that exceeds the SCF funds available. To request approval for funding, the Student Computer Fee Project Request must be completed and submitted along with supporting documentation to the SCFC for consideration.

Student Employment Funds

Student employment funds can only be used for paying wages and benefits for students working in positions providing computer support. These funds are intended to assist University Units in covering expenses of providing computer services to students, not necessarily to cover the entire cost. Graduate students are eligible to be paid with SCF employment funds only if they are being paid as student employees using a regular student employment account code. The TA or RA type account code may not be used for paying graduate students with SCF employment funds as these funds are intended only for hourly wages at the published rates and cannot be used for stipends or waivers. The submission of quarterly reports is required to document and certify the appropriate use of these funds.

 The Student Computer Fee Committee is no longer allocating employment funds to each department. Instead, units will request funds needed from a larger employment pool in a bi-annual process. 


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