AMOS (add-on to IBM SPSS)


AMOS  (Analysis of Moment Structures) is an add-on module for SPSS. It is designed primarily for structural equation modeling, path analysis, and covariance structure modeling, though it may be used to perform linear regression analysis and ANOVA and ANCOVA. It features an intuitive graphical interface that allows the analyst to specify models by drawing them. It also has a built-in bootstrapping routine and superior handling of missing data. It reads data from a number of sources, including MS Excel spreadsheets and SPSS databases. While it is a separate installation, it is launched from within SPSS.

UM does not have a campus-wide license for AMOS. Named user licenses can be sold to departmental faculty members for approximately $200/license. 

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Departmental IT staff are authorized to request SPSS and AMOS authorization codes for departmental employee device activation. IT staff must abide by IBM's licensing terms and conditions.