How do I request an accessible alternative text format?


Alt Text Request Form

The University of Montana strives to deliver alternative formats of text in a reasonable amount of time. In Accessible Technology Services, textbooks will be converted on a "first in, first out" basis. To receive alternative formats in a timely manner, eligible students should submit their requests as soon as possible.

To obtain textbook information, contact the Bookstore at the University of Montana or your instructors. 

Students must be registered with Disability Services for Students and have alternative formats given as a modification by their coordinator.

Students will be asked to provide proof that they have purchased or rented a copy of the textbook.   


Students should complete the Alternative Format Conversion Request Form as early as possible to ensure timely delivery of their books.

For assistance with requests, contact Brenda Miller, ATS Alternative Formats Specialist, at 406.243.2616, or 

The image of the IT Central Help Desk in the Social Sciences Building.

The image above is the IT Central office in the Social Sciences Building.

What happens after your request

The request form goes to Accessible Technology Services (ATS). 

  • ATS requests a publisher's file of the book from the publisher within 2 business days of receiving the request form.

  • The university allows 5 business days for the publisher to send a PDF of the book.

  • If a publisher's file of the book is not received within 5 business days, ATS will request that the student bring the hard copy of the book to the office to be processed in-house.

  • For in-house process, the spine of the book is cut; the book is scanned and then rebound with a coil binding.

  • After receiving a publisher file, or cutting the book, the university allows 10 business days to convert the book to the appropriate format for the student.

When requests are completed, students will be notified through their UM email 

  • Due to UM Policy, Accessible Technology Services uses the official UM email address to communicate with students.

  • Failure to provide a correct UM email address will delay delivery of the materials.

Interim modifications while waiting for alternative formats

If the university cannot convert the book within 10 business days of receiving the file or cutting the book, the Alternative Formats coordinator contacts the student to inform him/her about interim modifications and an acceptable timeline.  

Students should use self-help resources or work with their Disability Services coordinator to obtain interim modifications. 

Examples of interim modifications:

  • A reader from Disability Services for Students. 

  • Requesting a reasonable extension of the course deadline for an assigned reading from the instructor. 

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