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Accessible Technology Services supports students and employees in creating and using accessible web, media, documents, course materials, assistive technology, and electronic and information technology resources.
IT provides training and consulting to help departments meet requirements of UM's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility policy.
Zoom web conferencing services is compliant (with some exceptions) with WCAG 2.1 AA Standards, revised Section 508 Standards, and the EN 301 549 Accessibility requirements. Features are included in this article.
The University of Montana provides assistive technology services and support to students and employees. The first step for students is to contact Disability Services for Students to receive authorization for assistive technology assistance. Employees may contact the Assistive Technology Specialist directly. DSS may be contacted at 2243.
Qualtrics is a highly robust survey platform used by universities and business for data acquisition. With UM’s renewal, many features are now available previously withheld by the previous agreement.
Surveys created by UM members using Quatrics survey solution must meet accessibility standards. Online as well as in person assistance is available to assist with learning and understanding how to create accessible Qualtrics surveys.
The process of reviewing electronic and information technology (also called information and communication technology) at the University of Montana.
ATS Software Vocabulary Listing includes frequently used terms with their definitions broken up into two categories: software status types and software testing definitions.
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document converter service at ATS automatically converts individual image-based PDFs and images into text-based electronic documents.
Captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a television broadcast, webcast, film, video, CD-ROM, DVD, live event, or other productions into text and displaying the text on a screen, monitor, or other visual display system. This article provides general information on video captioning as well as instructions for uploading .srt files to youtube videos as well as links to instructions on how to create and sync your own video captions.
UM website reviews in conjunction with WTS (Web Technology Services) are provided to UM campus departments.
IT provides electronic and information technology (EIT) reviews for departments to meet UM's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility policy.
The University of Montana strives to deliver alternative formats of text in a reasonable amount of time. In Accessible Technology Services, textbooks will be converted on a "first in, first out" basis.
Read&Write is literacy software available to UM faculty, staff and students. Read&Write is effective for converting image PDFs to text PDFs, focusing writing and research skills, ESL students, and students requiring reading and writing assistance. Read&Write is a free download available to all UM students, Faculty, and Staff.