How do I change my UM computer account password?


This article explains how to reset UM domain password used to access employee email and computers, not NetID passwords.  If you are looking for information on resetting your NetID password please read How do I change or reset my NetID password? 

Domain passwords are set to expire every 364 days.  If you do not change your password before then, you will end up getting locked out of your computer account. Once that happens you will need to contact your IT support to have the password reset. You can find your IT support by referencing the Who Supports Me article.

Before your password expires you may change it on your own; you must know your current password to complete this process. 



On-line Steps

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Log in with your domain credentials,
  4. In the top right of the inbox screen click the circle with Your Initials or Photo.
  5. Click View account.
  6. In the left hand navigation bar select Password.
  7. Enter your current password in the old password field and then the new password twice for verification.
  8. Click Submit.

Please give the system a few minutes to synchronize and then use your new password to login. 


On Campus Method (Windows, UM networked computer only)

  1. Hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously. 
  2. From the menu, click change a password.
  3. Enter your current password and then the new password twice for verification. 
  4. Click arrow to continue.

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