How do I report spam and phishing messages?

Reporting spam and phishing messages 

If you receive a spam or phishing message you should report it right away. To do this, you can utilize the “Report Message” feature in outlook. For information on using this feature, see our instructions on Microsoft's Report Message tool.   
Please note that utilizing the Report Message tool is the preferred way to report a phishing message. However, if you are unable to use that feature and need to report a phish, you can forward the message as an attachment to

Steps on forwarding an email as an attachment for several popular email clients and web browsers

Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

Highlight the message, press Ctrl + Alt + F


Highlight or Open the message, on the "Home" tab under the "More" option
of the "Respond" group choose Forward as attachment


Open a new message,  drag and drop the message(s) to be forwarded into the
body of the new message.


Office 365 Outlook Web Access - (OWA)

Open a new message, drag and drop message(s) into the new message window


Microsoft Outlook (Mac)

Highlight the message, Control+Command+J  ( ^⌘J )


Highlight the message,  on the home ribbon click on attachment


Highlight the message, on the Message menu select attachment


Mac OS X Mail

Highlight message, select Forward as Attachment from the menu

What is spam? 

Spam is unsolicited junk email sent indiscriminately in bulk, often for commercial purposes. Much of it is sent by botnets, networks of virus-infected computers, complicating the process of tracking down the spammers. According to various estimates, about 80% of all email in the world may be spam. 

What is phishing? 

Phishing is the practice of defrauding users into giving up their usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information. Phishing emails will often try to get you to click on links that take you to fake websites. They often pretend to be from organizations such as a bank, PayPal, Amazon, or even the University of Montana. 

Never respond to email asking you to provide personal information. UM will never ask you for personal information by email.

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