Scantron Test Grading Manual

Scantron Preparation

  1. Request your roster to be uploaded.
  2. Once that form is submitted you will get a reply in no more than 2 working days letting you know that your roster is loaded and ready to use. First time users will be given a username and password to sign into ParScore (the Scantron software).
  3. Schedule a time to use the Scantron at the Mansfield Library.

The Scantron station is to the left of The Paw Print doors on the main floor of the Library. You can ask the Circulation Desk or Paw Print about access when you go to use it.

Some Basic Tips for Beginners

  • NEVER use the red “X” at the corner of the window to close the program.
  • ALWAYS use the button titled “close course” or “exit” inside the window.
  • Use Scantron form No. F-289-PAR-L from the Bookstore at The University of Montana.

When loading your forms into the Scantron Machine, be sure to press the loading tray down until it clicks down. Load the forms in accordance with the red arrow on the form itself, and make sure the forms are flush with the sides of the tray. Once the forms are loaded, you must then remember to raise the tray by pressing firmly in the center to release the loading tray.
Load no more than 50 forms at a time.

HELP: If there is a paper jam, do not try to pull the forms out—they might rip!

Instead, hit the blue “2” key on the Scantron Machine and the jam should clear.

Opening ParScore

  1. The Scantron uses the ParScore software, available on the computer right next to the Scantron. The first step is to open this software by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.
  2. Next, login with the Login Name and Password you received from the Lab Manager (usually the professor’s last name for both the username and the password) and click “Login…”.
  3. A window will open with a list of courses. Select the appropriate class by double-clicking, or by selecting and clicking “open” in the lower right hand corner.
  4. If the class you need is not there, click “NEW” in the lower right hand corner and fill in the pertinent information.
  5. When the course file opens, click on the Roster Tab if it is not already showing. You will see a list of students on the left hand side of the screen.
  6. Make sure you are in the roster tab, and find the “Create Score Column” icon (looks like three cigarettes) which is located in the middle of the toolbar.
  7. After clicking on the icon a list comes up that has items such as quiz, midterm, final, etc.
  8. The only option that needs to be filled is the number of columns. ALWAYS enter “1” in the number of columns field across from the appropriate category, then click “ADD” on the bottom right corner.
    Do NOT enter the Possible Score Field; this will come from the answer key.
  9. An empty column can now be seen next to the students’ names. The label on the column will correspond with the grading category (quiz, midterm, etc.) that was selected in the Score Columns window.

Scoring the Answer Key

  1. To score the answer key, you must now click on the tab labeled Keys.
  2. Be sure to select the correct category (midterm, final, etc.) you are grading.
  3. You can grade up to four versions of the same test: A,B,C,D. Remove all the unnecessary versions of the test by clicking on the letter, starting with D, and then selecting the “remove” button. Do this until only the versions you need remain.
    Note: When scanning keys for different test version, make sure the proper bubble is filled in, i.e. A, B, C, D.
  4. The subjective score option should remain empty. This option allows for points to be added (i.e. essays) to the final score.
  5. Optional – If any of your questions have multiple answers for one question, you will need to set your key to treat multiple marks as AND (i.e. A+B) or OR (AB).
  6. Each Scantron form has an arrow next to the “test form” and “exam number” section. That arrow tells which direction to feed the Scantron into the machine.
  7. Place your key in the machine as indicated earlier. Then, click the “Scan Keys” button on the computer.
  8. When your key has been scanned, the answers can be seen on the screen. If you need to change an answer on the answer key, this screen allows you to do so. Click on the answer you need to modify. This will allow you to edit the answer. Also in this window, you can make questions bonus questions. By checking the box in the Bonus column next to the answer that is a bonus question, you are able to make it so the student is not deducted points for answering that question wrong. The student will still be awarded points for answering the question right.

Scoring Student Scantron Forms

Now you are ready to score the student forms!

  1. Click on the tab labeled SCORING. Select the category (exam) you want to score.
  2. Click on the exam you are scoring in the Category Selection area.
  3. Under the Options menu, be sure all the little boxes available are selected to ensure all mistakes on the test forms will be caught, and available for reprocessing.
  4. Place exams in the Scantron. Click on the “Score” button. A screen will appear saying “Loading Form Definitions” and this will take several moments. The Scantron machine will then begin processing the forms.

The Scantron can score approximately 50 forms at one time. If you have a larger class,it will need to be broken up a bit. Put the first pile of fifty forms in. Once they are scanned, add the next pile of forms. All forms should be sent through one time before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Once you have processed all the forms one time, press the red “END” button on thecomputer.

Reprocessing Forms with Errors

If you have forms that were rejected, pick them up and place them back in the top bin to be put through again. Once the forms are in the Scantron bin, click “OK” on the message window.

Editing Forms with Errors

Now each form that was initially rejected will be reprocessed to determine what the problem is, and to give you a chance to fix it. One of three things will happen:

  1. The form will feed through, and will be swept go through the Scantron machine, and another form will immediately begin to feed through. This means the form, for whatever reason, was not read properly the first time, but has no errors.
  2. The form will feed through and will be successfully go through the Scantron Machine but will pop up with an error in ParScore. This means the form has been graded and a score has been recorded, the machine has just picked up some discrepancies.
    1. A “Processing Test Results” window will pop up listing the ID# and the items in question. The machine registers Omitted Items, and Multiple Mark Items. There is an “Edit” button on the window to enter the correct answer, or a “Continue” button to continue if the machine has read the form properly.
    2. To correct an item that has been read incorrectly, click the “Edit” button. Anew window will pop up with the Student ID, the Version, and the Exam, followed by a list of all the questions and the answers the machine read. Scroll to the appropriate question number, and delete the misread answer, then key in the answer the student gave. You can address all the items that need correcting in this window at the same time.
    3.     When you are finished, click “ok”, and the information will be saved.
  1. The form will feed through, but Parscore will say the form is invalid. This means there is no score for this student because the student did not fill in their Student ID on the form correctly, or at all, or the student is not on record as being enrolled in the class (this happens when students are added into the class after the roster has already been loaded into ParScore). In very few instances will the form be corrupt. If the form has any tears or bent edges, ParScore may reject the form entirely and will have to be manually graded.

Exporting Student Grades

Exporting student grades for ParScore allows you to keep the information on your own storage device, as well as use the information in different programs, since most professors do not have ParScore on your computer. Any information you export will still remain in the ParScore database. You are not deleting any information or removing it, only making a copy for yourself.

To begin:

  1. Click on “options” on the top toolbar
  2. Scroll down to “Export Wizard” and click to select
  3. Select a File Type by clicking in the yellow dropdown menu. Most often you will want to use Delimited with COMMA (CSV) which will open with Microsoft Excel on your computer
  4. Select the Student Enrollment Information you would like to have exported by clicking to the first item, holding the Shift key, and selecting the last item you want to export. You can also use the CTL key and clicking to select individual entities
  5. Repeat the selecting step above in the Score Column Information box as well
  6. When you are finished selecting the desired information, click “Export”
  7. A dropdown menu will appear and allow you to select your file destination. We recommend saving the file to the Desktop or to a USB drive.
  8. Select the appropriate device and click “Save”
    Note: If you have any questions or are in need of help feel free to ask the Lab Assistant on duty. They are there to support you.

Exporting Student Reports for Printing

There are a number of grade reports to choose from when you are finished processing the Scantron forms. A laminated ring packet next to the Scantron machine gives example of how each report will look when exported. The three most popular are the Student Test Report, Item Analysis Report, and the Roster Report. To find them:

  1. Select “Reports” at the top of the ParScore toolbar.
  2. Scroll down to the report you would like to print, and select the report.

Report Examples

Item analysis reports are used most often to determine grade curves because they tell you how many students give a certain answer to a certain question. To print an Item Analysis Report:

  1. Be sure to change the report heading to match the class you are grading for
  2. Select the correct category, and the correct test version if you have more than one.
  3. To decide between the Standard and Detailed reports you should preview them by clicking the “Preview” button at the bottom of the window
  4. When everything is filled out properly, click “Export”

Roster Reports

Roster reports organize the students by Last Name, First Name, or Student ID # and can give several combinations of grade print outs. To print a Roster Report:

  1. Be sure to change the report heading to match the class you are grading for
  2. Select the category or categories you would like this printout to display
  3. Click the “Report Layout” tab, and select “Print Without Student Name”
  4. When everything is filled out properly, click “Print”
  5. This will prompt you to save the file as a PDF

Student Test Reports

Student Test Reports display the student’s personal information, their grade, and a list of questions they answered correctly and incorrectly. To print a Student Test Report:

  1. Be sure to change the report heading to match the class you are grading for
  2. Select the correct category for the printout
  3. Select “Standard Test Report” and “Two Per Page”
  4. Decide how you want the printout sorted
  5. When everything is filled out properly, click “Print”

How to Set Up an Anonymous Test

To begin sign in to your account in ParScore using your last name for both the username and password.

  1. From the main “Course List” screen you will need to select the “New” button to create a new course.
  2. Fill in only the information that you need. Select “OK” and follow the rest of the setup steps.
  3. Now double click on your new course to go into it.
  4. Go to the “Scoring” tab and check the “Auto Enrollment” check box. This selection will create a new student record every time the program finds a new “Student ID” number on a Scantron test form. The program depends on having student ID’s in the ParScore program in order to link the ParScore student record to the form that is being scanned. Do not use this feature on any of the courses where the Lab Manager has loaded your roster for you.
  5. Now select “Options” from the menu on top of the screen and click on “Enrollment Setup”.
    1.   Enter the amount of digits that you will allow in the student ID field. Each form will need to have that amount of digits on each form in order to add or use that student.
      Example: I have 35 students that filled out my anonymous test. So I will enter a “2”in the “Length of the Student ID” field. Now I will number each of my tests in this format “01, 02, 03, 04…..32, 33, 34, 35”.
    2. If I entered a “4” in the “Length of the Student ID” field the numbering would look like this. “0001, 0002, 0003, 0004 …..0032, 0033, 0034, 0035”
  6. Check the “Allow Blank Name” check box so each student records name field can be blank.
  7. Now make sure that each answer form has a unique number in the Student ID field using the same amount of digits that you previously entered.
  8. Create a new quiz on the “Keys” tab and enter the correct answers, scan your answer key or enter an “*” in each answer column if there are no right answers like in a survey.
  9. As the answer forms are run through the Scantron machine the student will be added automatically using only the number that you entered in the Student ID field. Once the student is added the program will record that student’s answer from the form.
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The Mansfield Library provides a Scantron grading machine with ParScore scoring software to grade exams where answers are recorded on Scantron forms. Scantron forms are available at the UM Bookstore (form No. F-289-PAR-L). The Scantron station is to the left of The Paw Print doors on the main floor of the Library. You can ask the Circulation Desk or Paw Print about access when you go to use it.