Information about computer labs and scantron machine and management.

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Pinned Article How to do I setup and use UM's Virtual Labs?

Information on setting up and using UM's Virtual Labs using Citrix.

Pinned Article Where are the computer labs & hours on campus?

IT manages two general access computer labs that are open to any University student, faculty or staff. All labs are free for any student to use as long as a class is not being held in that lab at that time.

What software is available in the Liberal Arts 139 (Eck Hall) computer lab?

Software available in Liberal Arts 139 computer lab

What software is available in the Fine Arts 210 computer lab?

Software available in the Fine Arts 210 computer lab.

Are there computer labs in Residence Halls?

Yes! There are computer labs at several locations.

What are high tech multimedia classrooms?

Learn more about the high tech multimedia classrooms at UM. This article lists the technology used in the multimedia classrooms and who to contact for support or questions about the classrooms.

How do I reserve an IT managed computer lab?

This article gives you instructions for requesting a computer lab reservation. If you are a UM employee or non-UM entity, you can reserve an IT supported computer lab. The preference for reservations will go to UM employees and students.

Scantron Test Grading Manual

Manual for Scantron related tasks