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Student Query Forms

SPAIDEN Student Identification Form **
Lists addresses, phone numbers and previous names.

SGASTDN General Student Information Form **
Displays information on a student’s status, class standing, major, level (undergrad or graduate), advisors and other information. A new record will be created anytime there is a change in major or status.

SFAREGQ Student Class Schedule Form **
Courses that a student is enrolled in (by term) including when and where they meet.

SHATERM Student Academic History Form (displays GPA information) **
Displays GPA data, total credits, academic standing, academic history, and institution/transfer course detail information. (Leave TERM blank for complete history).

SHACRSE Student Course Summary Form (does not include GPA data)
Displays registered courses, sections, grades, etc. for a selected term; does not include GPA data. (Leave TERM blank for all terms).

SFASLST Class Roster Form
Allows the user to display the roster for a particular class based on the CRN.

SPAAPIN Student Advising Number Form
Shows a student’s advising number.

SHATRNS Student Transfer Course Form
Provides detailed information on transfer courses accepted at UM.

SOATEST Student Test Form
Shows GRE and other test scores.

SHASUBJ Student Academic History Form by Subject
Shows GPAs, academic standing, and allows review of all courses taken categorized by subject (Geography, Sociology, etc.).

SHADEGR Student Degrees and Other Formal Awards Form
Displays completed and conferred degrees and other awards that students have received (enter sequence “1”)

SSASECT Class Information Form
Shows number of seats available in a class, when it meets, who is teaching it, and number of credits.

SSASECQ Class Enrollment Statistics Form
Shows scheduled classes, enrollment statistics and rooms.

SIAASGQ Faculty Schedule Query Form
Displays courses to which a faculty member has been assigned (term by term).

** Useful to Advisors.

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