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UM Faculty and Staff use the Banner system for key administrative functions and data management. Banner is a web-based, graphic user interface that enables employees to process everything from payroll to finances to student records.
Central IT has the DBA expertise to host and manage a wide array of Oracle databases including the university’s Banner ERP and related databases. DBA services include database software installation, configuration, patching, maintenance, backup/recovery, security, and monitoring.
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CyberBear is a web-based application allowing individuals access to view and manipulate their data in the Banner ERP system. Functions include class registration, transcript printing, grade entry, address changes, financial aid processing, bill payment, viewing employment records and many other tasks.
Banner Human Resources is the module in UM's ERP system responsible for all employee related record keeping including position, compensation, payroll, and benefits information.
Banner Financial Aid is the module in UM's ERP system responsible for financial aid record keeping including all scholarship, waiver, student loan and grant information.
Banner Finance is the module in UM's ERP responsible for financial record keeping including all accounting, purchasing, and budgeting functions.
Data in the Banner system may need to be processed through various programs during off-peak usage hours or in a series with dependencies (e.g. process A needs to run to completion, followed immediately by process B). EIS uses the Automic Workload Application Suite to design and schedule these processes, which can use Banner delivered processes as well as any custom programs we have developed in support of business processes.