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Services or Offerings?
Index change requests are for telephone fixed costs and network ports.This is for Index Code changes ONLY.

The IT Change Advisory Board (CAB) exists to support the vetting and authorization of higher risk changes to IT systems and services.

Name change update for telephone databases, telephone long distance, and caller ID systems.

In addition to obtaining an email account, employees obtain a University email address in the form of a UMontana alias, this request is to update or modify a UMontana alias after a legal name change. To change your computer/email username ( and/or your UM employee email address ( complete the UM employee computer/email account form.

Request to block or unblock the online NetID password reset in situations regarding security breaches, etc.

Request for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Pro for UM Employees

To request external (public-facing) DNS entries and/or associated firewall openings to an existing internal IP address.

To request DNS entries associating a fully-qualified domain name with an IP address, or to modify existing DNS records.

Request help with a printer issue, acquire toner, get access to a printer, or request a consultation if your current printer is not meeting your needs.

Request an audit of your mailing list or listserv.

Request an audit of a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive.

Request a user permissions audit

Request an audit of a security or user group

New service request for service, form, workflow, etc to be create in the TeamDynamix system.

Request a Papercut audit