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How to add/ or drop courses for College of Business special sessions

FUEL Annual Review Staff Self-Evaluation

Captioning is a verbatim rendering of the words, speech sounds and non-speech sounds that appear with the visual recording in synchronized fashion. Captioning makes it possible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to access audio information.

Banner Document Management, or BDM, is an electronic document storage system that integrates with Banner, the University of Montana’s information system. Note: This form is not the place to request general Banner support. That information is posted here:

Request to borrow a Griz Card reader for assessment purposes or to accept UMoney on a short-term basis.

Request Course Roster Merge or Duplication

Request assistance with Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

Complete this form to request access to an existing website in Cascade CMS. This form must be completed by the individual requesting access. Do not fill this out on behalf of another user. Approval by the website manager/owner and web accessibility training are required to gain Cascade access.

The College of Business offers recording of courses for faculty within the college.

Griz Card offers immediate deposits or "give away" cards that can be redeemed for UMoney and billed to your index code.

This ticket is used to request that a Device alert from Defender 365 (or other) is remediated.

The UM Drug Information Service is a free resource for health care professionals. Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and allied health practitioners in all areas of medicine are invited to contact us with questions of a non-emergent nature. The service does not field calls from the general public.

More information and assistance with Griz Card UMoney and Bear Bucks deposit transactions and logging in to eAccounts.

Request for Entertainment/Alcohol events on campus