Services A-Z (132)


Access to a file share, departmental folder, or shared drive

Access to an application

Accessible alternative text formatting

Add Drop Courses

Administrative Privileges Request

Adobe Software Request

Annual FUEL Review

Audio and video captioning for accessibility

Audio/video equipment checkout


Banner Account Password Reset

Banner ad in mobile app request

Banner Document Management Request

Borrow a Griz Card Reader

Building Surveillance


Campus map feedback and help

Camtasia Software Request

Cascade Access Request - Existing Website

Cascade Access Request - New Website

Cascade CMS - Form Data Request

Cascade CMS website editing help

Change To/From Distance-Only Status

ChemDraw Software Request

Course Recording Request


Data backup help

Deposit UMoney using an Index Code (Department Bill)

Device inventory audit

Device Remediation Request

Document and Website review for accessibility

DocuSign Help

Drug Information Service Request


eAccounts Online Deposit Troubleshooting

Education Verification Request

Emailing List Audit Request

Enrollment Technology Request (Slate)

ESRI ArcGIS Software Request

External DNS entry request


Faculty Rollout Request

File share, departmental folder, or shared drive audit request

File share, departmental folder, or shared drive request

Forward campus extension to off-campus phone number

Four Bear Program Graduation Plan Submission

Four Bear Program Transfer Student Sign-Up


GA Pool Requests

General Help/ Questions

General Qualtrics Help Request

General Zoom Help Request

Glean Cloud-Based Note-taker Help

Griz Visitor Application


Hardware and device surplus or decommission

Hardware Purchase

HPC Access Request

HPC Support Request


I need help from the Griz Card Center

Identity Management Request

InCommon Certificate Request

Install a new Griz Card Reader

Institutional Research Data Request

IP address/modify DNS record request


JAWS Screen Reading Help


Lab Software Install Request

Late Registration Fee Waiver



Maple software

Mathematica software

MatLab software

Maximum Credit Override

Moodle Help

Move technology equipment to a new location

Multimedia consultation


Name Badges for my Department or Conference

NetID Impersonation Request

Network and telephone work order authorization

Network Printer Access

Network services for leased space

New Microsoft Team Request

NVivo Software Request


OCR Convert a PDF Request

Operating system installation or upgrade

Orbital Shift Software Help


Papercut audit request

Papercut printing refund request

Printer Help Request


Qualtrics Accessibility Problem


Read&Write/Orbit Note Help

Receive voicemail email notifications

Remote control access for computer

Remote control access for computer


Scantron Machine Reservation

Scantron Roster Upload

Security or user group audit request

Security/Surveillance Camera Issue

Semester Withdrawal Form

Sending Limit Exemption

Shared group email account or departmental alias

Shared Microsoft Exchange folder create, modify, delete

Short Term Loan Application:

Software and hardware accessibility review

Software Request - General

Solutions Center Feedback / Questions

Solutions Center new knowledgebase article request

SPSS licensing for UM and UM Western students

Student Affairs Web App Support

Student Affiliate Request

Student Computer Fee Employment Funding Request

Submittable Account Request


TDX add/modify/remove a user account

Technology Consultation

TechPartners Membership Application

Telephone name change update

Telephone or network connection repair

Telephone services for leased space

Time Clock Hardware Issues

Transfer Ownership of Qualtrics Survey


UM Box folder modify permissions request

UM Box folder request

UM Cybersecurity Awareness Training Help Request

UM Email alias (@umontana) modification request

UM email and computer account for new employee

UMontana Mobile App - Push Notification Request

UMontana mobile app feedback and help

Unofficial Transcript Banner Printer Request

User permissions audit request


Virtual machine (VM) server request

Virtual private network (VPN) access

Vulnerability Remediation Request


Web conference hosting

Web Redirect Request

Wireless Internet Access